NHL News and Notes for March 8, 2007

As part of a new feature, I will summarize some of the news and notes of the day on a regular basis. This will include some important scores or game events and other items that will not get a full entry of their own.


Penguins head coach Michel Therrien will miss his team’s Saturday game against the New York Rangers because of his father’s death. Therrien’s father passed away after a series of strokes in Montreal on Thursday.

The assistant coaches, Andre Savard and Mike Yeo, will take over in Therrien’s absence.


The Carolina Hurricanes activated forward Erik Cole Thursday after missing seven games. Cole was out due to a torn muscle near his hip and has been out since February 20th. He currently has 51 points for the Hurricanes, with 25 goals and 26 assists.


The offensive leaders in the NHL are currently led by Pittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby (98 points), Tampa Bay’s Vincent Lecavalier (91 points), Tampa Bay’s Martin St. Louis (91 points), Ottawa’s Dany Heatley (86 points) and Atlanta’s Marian Hossa (85 points).

Tampa’s Vinnie Lecavalier currently leads the league in goals with 45, while Ottawa’s Heatley is close behind with 41 goals. Tampa’s other offensive dynamo, Marty St. Louis, is third in goal scoring with 39. Fourth in goal scoring is Atlanta’s speedy Marian Hossa with 39 goals and Anaheim’s Teemu Selanne also with 39 goals.

In terms of goaltending at this point in the season, Martin Brodeur is certainly the most consistent. He leads the league in wins (39), shutouts (12), is second behind Chris Mason of Nashville with save percentage (.924%) and is second behind Dom Hasek in goals against average (2.14).


NHL union boss Ted Saskin reported Thursday that it was his predecessor, not himself, that had player emails monitored. Bob Goodenow, of course, flatly denied this allegation.

This is all in response to a publicized report earlier in the week that alleged that Saskin ordered the monitoring of players’ email accounts that were hosted by the union. The union plans to hold a conference call on Sunday night with its executive board, but until then Saskin will have to sweat it out and hope that passing the buck onto Bob Goodenow will help ease the pressure.

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