Penguins to Gamble on Las Vegas?

Pittsburgh Penguins owners Mario Lemieux and Ron Burkle traveled to Las Vegas on Wednesday to check out the potential for moving the Penguins there. They met with Mayor Oscar Goodman and had what was said to be a “very pleasant conversation”.

Along with Las Vegas expressing interest in the team, officials from Kansas City are also interested. They are willing to offer the Spring Center, the nearly $262 million dollar facility, to the Pens with free rent and over half of the revenue.

Pittsburgh governor Ed Rendell has also apparently tabled an offer, calling it “exceptionally attractive” and saying that he was “optimistic” about the team’s chances for remaining in Pittsburgh.

All in all, it looks as if the Penguins do, in fact, move, that they will move to yet another US city and test the small markets there. Whether an NHL team will do well in a place like Las Vegas remains to be seen, but with the right marketing they could very well pull in some decent profit. As for Kansas City, that doesn’t appear so certain or realistic.

Many Canadians would likely want to see a team in Hamilton or in Winnipeg, but that likely won’t be the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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