Sens Trying to Move Heatley

Ottawa Senators general manager Bryan Murray said that he was “shocked and disappointed” when he heard the news that star forward Dany Heatley was demanding a trade.

The demand became public last week when Heatley told the team of his intention to be moved. Two years in to a $45 million 6-year deal, Heatley’s contract will be a tough one to pick up for just about any time in the National Hockey League. Most rumours suggest that he wants to move out West, so his presence could be welcome for a Western Conference team with a fair bit of extra bankroll or a team with the desire to move some players.

“I have had some conversations with several teams,” Murray said of moving Heatley. “I don’t really have a timetable, but I have encouraged anybody that is really interested to try to make the contact before the draft, and we will get something done by that time, I hope.”

Heatley’s numbers will be good for any team that can pick him up. With two 50-goal seasons under his belt and a 39-goal performance last year, the sniper’s offensive talents are significant. At just 28-years-old, he’ll be a solid addition to a team looking to rebuild or gather some offensive punch. Heatley has racked up 260 goals and 543 points in 507 games over seven NHL seasons since he was drafted by the Atlanta Thrashers in 2000.

“It’s hard to give up 50 goals,” Murray said. “He didn’t get it last year – a lot of people underachieved – but Dany Heatley is that calibre of goal scorer. To be better than that is going to be difficult, there’s no question.”

In terms of rationale for wanting the trade, some speculate that it is because of a rocky relationship with head coach Corey Clouston while others cite the poor environment in Ottawa. Regardless, it looks as though the Senators will be losing a valuable component to their franchise. Let’s just hope they get something worthwhile in return.

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2 thoughts on “Sens Trying to Move Heatley

  1. I think Heatley will soon find himself wearing a LA King jersey
    They will have a very good draft pick to offer in return, plus a guy who is currently on their roster, not one of their stars but one of L A’ s better players.
    I know the Kings have the cap room for Heatley,
    Makes you wonder——–
    Does anyone like Playing in Ottawa?
    How Much of a jerk is Bryan Murray
    And if Heatley goes, will Spezza try to leave?
    Let the Games Begin.


  2. If ever a 3 way trade made sense here it is: Anaheim gets Heatley, Jack Johnson and Alex Auld; L.A. gets Pronger and Giguere; and Ottawa gets the 5th overall (via L.A.) the 15th overall (via Anaheim) and 8.5 Million in cap savings which basically means a free agent replacement for Heatley.


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