Ovie Doubles Down in Vegas for NHL Awards

Alex Ovechkin snagged the night’s two most impressive awards at this year’s incarnation of the NHL Awards in Las Vegas. Winning the Hart Trophy and the Lester B. Pearson Award, Ovie was the star of what was a very glitzy and glamorous evening.

Even Ovechkin’s arrival screamed Vegas glitz, arriving on the red carpet with a showgirl on each arm and boasting to have won $500 playing blackjack. He also won yet another Rocket Richard Trophy for leading the league with 56 goals, but noted that he’d trade away all of his hardware for a Stanley Cup.

In terms of the voting, Ovie was a runaway winner for the Hart Trophy. He finished with 115 of 133 first place votes, beating Pittsburgh’s Evgeni Malkin and Detroit’s Pavel Datsyuk in the first all-Russian group of Hart finalists.

As the first of three awards shows planned for Las Vegas, the NHL really rolled it out with a glamorous show that featured Chaka Khan and Robin Thicke among other celebrity guests.

The Boston Bruins joined Ovechkin as award-winning regulars, with Zdeno Chara winning the Norris Trophy, Claude Julien winning the Jack Adams Award, and Tim Thomas snagging the Vezina for a stellar season. His emotional acceptance speech was one of the night’s most touching highlights. “I never really allowed myself to believe that I might win,” said Thomas.

Detroit’s Datsyuk didn’t go home empty-handed either, winning the Selke and Lady Byng trophies for the second straight year.

The Calder Trophy for rookie of the year went to Columbus Blue Jackets goaltender Steve Mason, while Steve Sullivan of the Nashville Predators won the Masterton Trophy for perseverance and dedication. Roberto Luongo was voted fan favourite and Jarome Iginla won the Messier Leadership Award.

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One thought on “Ovie Doubles Down in Vegas for NHL Awards

  1. The Awards handed out I think for the most part were very deserving.
    The kind of year Chara and Thomas had was awesome so them winning
    The Norris and Veizna trophy’s I understand,
    However Steve Mason posted all those Shut outs on a team With not even a quater of the Fire power of those Big Bad Bruins, Thankfully, he did win the rookie of year.
    Now as for Hart trophy,
    Where would the Capitals be without Ovechkin
    Sometimes I ask How much would the league suffer if Ovechkin was not playing
    I think even though, I cheer for Philly I am amazed about how good this guy is he blows my mind every time I see him play.
    Yes the guy is a freak of Nature

    Of course there were other awards, I am sure there could be some argument
    on who should have won and shouldn’t have.
    I felt The one trophy winner I have to disagree with for sure is Pavel Datsyk.
    He is a great player but The SelKe trophy belongs to Mike Richards, let Datsyuk keep that Lady Byng ( It should be called the Wayne Gretzky Trophy )
    Datsyk played for a team that was defence first orientated, also his line mate was quite often Zetterberg.
    This guy Held off a pretty talented Penguins Player named Sidney Crosby.
    While Philly was most penalized team in the league, Detroit I believe was the least
    This meant, Richards being Philly’s top Penalty killer had to stop the likes of guys like Malkin, Crosby, Ovehkin and Stall, quite often though out the year.
    Yes there are some very talented players in west, but I think skill wise the powerplay in the east was far superior.
    That was just on the Powerplay, He also had to contend with these guys all the time
    I think something worth nothing
    Richards was unhealthy all year he had shoulder issues, but played through the pain. And if I had one extra arguement 7 shorthanded goals,
    Enough said Richards should of won…… But of course I am not surprised, as usual when it comes to picking a popular mild mannered player over a hard nosed Flyer: the heart and soul of that franchise you know 9 times out of 10 the League will choose a guy like Datsyuk, it looks better for the league.
    I hope one day, One day soon Philly wins the cup,
    If that ever happens I am curious to know how much respect Some of their players will finally get.


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