Kovalev Wants Heatley To Remain With Sens

If Alex Kovalev has his way, Dany Heatley will stay with the Ottawa Senators and help lead the team to glory.

“Definitely, with the player that he is, it would be nice to have him back,” Kovalev told reporters. “I know Dany a little bit from playing with him for Kazan in the lockout year. He’s a great, talented guy on the ice and off the ice and would definitely help the Senators organization and hopefully will continue to help the organization.”

Of course, Heatley has asked for a trade and that could present some difficulties for Kovalev’s wishes, but it sure would be interested to see the two of them teaming up in Senators gear. Heatley refused to waive his no-trade clause when the possibility came up that he might be moved to the Edmonton Oilers.

Despite this, Kovalev seems to think that the damage Heatley has done to his reputation with the city of Ottawa isn’t beyond fixing. Senators GM Bryan Murray seems to agree, having stood by his stance through the entire process and continuing to tell reporters that Heatley is still a Senator. Of course, for all intents and purposes he obviously is.

“We can fit both of those guys on our team very nicely, maybe one on left and one on right wing,” Murray said.

Whether there’s a comfortable fit in Ottawa for Heatley remains to be seen, but it’s certainly going to take a lot of work for the superstar forward to earn favour with the fans again. He has essentially become one of “those” players and will be remembered, at least in the short term, not as an offensive powerhouse capable of pouring in the goal totals but as a disgruntled winger with contract issues and an ego.

Posted by Jordan Richardson.

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