Cory Clouston and Sens Ready to Move Forward

For Ottawa Senators head coach Cory Clouston, escaping talk of the Dany Heatley issue can be difficult at the best of times. While he took part in a conference call to announce the newest member of his coaching staff Thursday, most of the talk ventured in the direction of Heatley and possible friction between the player and coach.

The call was intended to announce the hiring of Brad Lauer as an assistant coach, but Clouston was quickly put on the spot regarding Heatley.

Clouston made it clear that he had yet to talk to the superstar player. He added that nothing had changed in terms of the situation and that he was surprised at Heatley’s request to be traded from the Senators.

As we well know, Heatley vetoed a trade that would have sent him to the Edmonton Oilers and continues to remain in limbo with the Senators. GM Bryan Murray insists that he’s still a Senator and seems to think there’s still a spot for him on the team, but many fans wonder how Heatley could possibly walk into that locker room given all he’s put the team through.

As for coach Clouston, he knows that he’s just got to start moving forward with the rest of the organization. “I really don’t know what else to say,” he continued. “(But) whatever cards we’re dealt, I’ll work with them. That’s with or without Dany.”

Clouston was excited about the addition of Alex Kovalev and is ready to put him to work to help move things forward from the Heatley situation that has haunted the franchise for the past while. “My first reaction was I was just very excited for the organization,” Clouston said. “Alex brings something into the mix who can change a game in and of itself. Obviously, there’s been a lot of negativity surrounding the organization (over Heatley). It’s like a breath of fresh air.”

In terms of Clouston’s new addition to the coaching staff, Lauer will be a nice fit. He’s an NHL veteran, having played 16 pro seasons, and he should mesh well with the team’s other assistant, Greg Carvel.

Luke Richardson, who retired last season, will also chip in with the Senators on a part-time basis and will help the defence.

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One thought on “Cory Clouston and Sens Ready to Move Forward

  1. I have to think Ottawa really needs to move Hetley and do it fast
    He is a distraction, sorry a major distraction
    This organization is an eye soar
    And it is a shame.
    They have the fans, all the support is there.
    But what is it?
    Well Today most of it is Bryan Murray, He is one of the most arrogant people in the game.

    But lets take a look at some Ottawa’s Kodak Moments
    I think this Franchise is 17 years old now

    Yashin obviously was a Jerk, that was just stupid
    Thank god that guy is no longer in the NHL.
    I can’t remember if Owner Rod Bryden pulled the bankruptcy stuff or before or after the Yashin files
    But he was definitely a solid business man ( yes I am being sarcastic )
    Many strange decisions on Murray’s part
    Why did He not try harder to keep Chara?
    Martin Havlat? He was a good player, soft but had raw talent
    How did Emery fall to the wayside ( Imagine if Emery pulls a 360
    or even a 280 ) He will still help Philly.
    Maybe Ottawa could have tried to help him better
    I don’t know how much they did
    The JUry is out on Leclaire, Gerber was supposed to be last years answer.

    Craig Hartsburg is a proven coach,
    Murray ran him out of Ottawa faster then they signed his contract.
    I have no doubt that if the Senators stumble at the gates ( which they will )
    Clousten will be the next contestant in the Murray fall guy game

    Lets get serious, Kovalev is a good player but
    Murray gave him too much

    It is time get rid of Murray and let someone else help this once ( short lived )
    Proud organization

    If Eugene Melynyk I would have axed Murray and Clousten as soon as the veto-ed Heatley trade started.
    Murray is not a very likable person, He has never been and he will not be any time soon
    This is one of those times when all parties must exit stage Left
    Bye Cory, Dany and Bryan
    Ottawa needs a new breath of fresh air


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