Are the Oilers Too Hot for Heatley?

The Edmonton Oilers are continuing to court disgruntled forward Dany Heatley despite his earlier refusal of their advances. It’s beginning to look like the Oilers’ organization is resembling a desperate teenager, complete with sweaty palms, pursuing a potential date.

The most recent attempt to get Heatley to notice them came when the Oilers packaged up some videos and sent them along. The organization sent an employee to deliver the videos personally to Heatley’s agent, who happens to be staying in British Columbia. One can only imagine the humiliation the employee must have felt and one can only wonder whether he or she also brought flowers, chocolates or champagne.

For whatever reason, the Oilers organization has struggled to entice big money players to stick around in Edmonton. Chris Pronger wasn’t interested in staying for long and the team had to dangle a bigger-than-necessary salary in front of goalie Nikolai Khabibulin to get him to sign up.

According to reports, the video package featured clips of the offensive “wizardry” of players like Shawn Horcoff and Ales Hemsky. The intention to woo Heatley with these clips is somewhat sad, especially given the fact that should Heatley actually arrive in Edmonton he’ll be much more trouble than he might be worth.

The time for Kevin Lowe to stop the insanity has long passed, but it’s not too late to save face and stop pursuing a player who obviously has no interest in playing for the Oilers. The whole thing is a joke, resembling a monstrous appeal to Heatley’s swelling ego more than an earnest attempt to win a valuable player.

The Oilers already outdid themselves and made themselves look stupid when Steve Tambellini and Lowe headed to Kelowna for a meeting with Heatley at the end of June. It was a waste of their time and made them look, well, pathetic. To follow that mistake up with another one in the form of this video package is just silly.

The Edmonton Oilers used to have a proud history and they used to be THE place to play in Western Canada. With moves like these, it looks as though the Oilers have lost their sense of history and their sense of pride. It’s up to Tambellini and Lowe to save face and give Pat Quinn something significant to work with in the upcoming season. And it’s up to the entire Oilers organization to prove to Edmonton, to the fans and to the league that they’re worth something again.

Screw Dany Heatley.

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One thought on “Are the Oilers Too Hot for Heatley?

  1. I agree with you
    Heatley is one of the biggest egotistical jerks in the game
    The Oilers need to learn he wouldn’t bring them anywhere close to the promise land anyways.
    If the guy already refused to come , don’t they think he would be a pain in the derriere for other things?

    This situation reminds me of Eric Lindros and the Nordiques,
    His snubbing may of haunted his reputation, making some guys vowing for redemption.
    In the end maybe his career was cut short because of the karma he created for himself.
    However, Eric did mature I think got some of the respect but at the cost of 7 or 8 concussions and a couple of freak injuries.
    The difference is Lindros was at the time the greatest thing since the great wall of china
    Heatley is nowhere near what lindros was when it it comes overall ability
    There were few like Lindros, he was the complete package.
    Enough said about Eric,
    Dany is a suck
    he represents that group of players who feel they can force general managers to do as they say, when they say and how they say
    It is a privilege to be one of the elite players in world who makes gets a chance to play pro.
    I wonder if Heatley remembers the time where he was looking at jail time for killing his friend via Vehicular Manslaughter.
    Considering the judge gave heatley a break by honouring the plea of the Snyder family, Heatley needs to remember that and stop trying to control everything
    Just be grateful that he plays hockey

    What Ottawa should do is not move him, yes they will be with out one of their best goal scorers but it will be worth it.
    Suspend the goof, then we will see how Dany feels about being on the other side of the hostage game.
    In the end
    He most likely will be a Ranger, they are most likely the team who would give Heatley whatever he wants.


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