Tanguay Expected to Beef Up the Lightning

The Tampa Bay Lightning are looking forward to the upcoming season, especially with the news that free agent Alex Tanguay has agreed to a contract and is said to be set to join the team pending medical clearance.

A report on RDS Television said that former Hab Tanguay has agreed to the offer set by Tampa Bay contingent on passing a medical exam. The news has Vincent Lecavalier primed and ready for the upcoming season with new hope for his franchise. It looks like a little piece of Montreal is joining him after all, even if it wasn’t in the way that many had hoped for.

“All the guys I talked to who played with him said he’s unbelievable,” Lecavalier said. “He’s going to bring a lot of offence to our team. He’s a hard-working guy, a good guy and you never have enough of those guys. I played with him in the world juniors (in 1998). I’m happy he’s part of it.”

Together with winger Martin St. Louis, Lecavalier lobbied hard for Tanguay to join the Lightning. Now that he should be on his way, things in Tampa are certainly looking up. The addition of Mattias Ohlund from the Vancouver Canucks gives veteran depth to the defensive corps, while second overall draft pick Victor Hedman gives the team reason for excitement too.

“It’s a big season,” Lecavalier said. “We didn’t have a good season last year but the team has changed and has been given a new dimension.”

This signing should give the team the boost they’ve been looking for. They’ll take to the ice with a heck of a line-up in the upcoming season, with Lecavalier, St. Louis, Tanguay, and a confident Steven Stamkos ready to rock, Tampa might be a team that will sneak up on a lot of other clubs.

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One thought on “Tanguay Expected to Beef Up the Lightning

  1. I think the Lightning can only get better
    There goal tending is not the greatest but it will hold the fort
    But that offence is and will be a force to reckon with
    We could have a modern day french connection in the making
    St.Louis Lecavalier & Tanguay will be real fun to watch
    I know Stamkos is going to continue to get better,
    With the acquisition of Ohlund he will be a big time leader for the likes of Hedmen
    and everyone around
    The Canucks will certainly miss that guy
    Then there is Rick Tocchet I was big fan of his when he played but can he use that same fire to create a consistent winning atmosphere I know the players will be able to push around.
    So if all goes well things things will be really interesting in the south east
    I know that arguably the Atlantic division is the best division in hockey
    but the southeast is getting much better themselves as is the Northwest division.
    Which means better Hockey
    One last thing to consider the Lecavlier factor
    I hope he never leaves Tampa, I think it is great when a player starts his career with one team and ends with the same team.
    It is good for the game.
    I would have been very annoyed if Montreal ended up getting him.


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