Olli Jokinen Turning Heads

Calgary Flames forward Olli Jokinen is off to a good start at training camp, doing more than his fair share of offensive production and proving to be one heck of a line-mate for Jarome Iginla. After being acquired last season by the Flames at the trade deadline, the former Phoenix Coyote chipped in for 15 points in 19 games.

With the upcoming season looming, Jokinen looks to be on his game. He’s put together six points in just two pre-season games, putting together a string of accolades from the press along the way.

“It’s nice,” Jokinen said of the pre-season thus far. “I think we’re going in the right direction as a team but it’s good we have more time to practice before the regular season.”

He went on to say how the ample practice time has been benefiting his chemistry with his new teammates. “Last year, getting traded here at the trade deadline and playing most of the games at the end of the year with the 15, 16 guys and travel days – there were probably 10-15 practices. That would be the only practice we had last year,” he said.

Of his chemistry with Iginla, Jokinen echoed the praise from the press so far. “The biggest thing for me and Iggy and whoever’s playing with us is that we can cycle the puck pretty good and we can protect the puck. The biggest thing for our line is to keep moving and let the puck do the work for you,” he said.

Even with the progress, Jokinen knows there is always something to work on. When asked about his goals for the upcoming season, he was surprisingly specific: “Never be standing still.”

With the season on the horizon, the Flames are hoping that Jokinen keeps his feet moving and that the chemistry that is blossoming in the early going with Iginla remains throughout the year. They’ll have their work cut out for them in the Northwest Division, to be sure, but with a healthy and productive Jokinen they have a good shot at some serious success.

Posted by Jordan Richardson.

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