Theo Fleury Retires a Flame

Theoren Fleury has decided to retire as a Calgary Flame. He attempted a comeback with the Flames that dazzled many and inspired all, but it was not to be as the Flames released him on Friday from his tryout agreement.

At 41, Fleury was always going to be a risk to the Flames. After being released, he took the weekend to discuss matters with his family and friends, eventually coming to the decision to retire. At a news conference filled with emotion, Fleury made the announcement Monday.

“Today, after much debate with my family and friends, I am officially retiring from hockey,” said Fleury.

His return to the game after a six year absence was remarkable in and of itself and Fleury should be very proud of himself. He accomplished what a lot of other players could not have and looked energetic and swift on the ice. With four points in four pre-season games, many thought that he had a good chance of making the final cut. Alas, it was not to be and Fleury didn’t factor in to the Flames 2009-2010 plans.

“Thank you so much for all your support,” Fleury said, addressing Calgary’s fans. “How many athletes can leave the playing field to a standing ovation? Don’t be angry. We got to say one last goodbye. I want you to know I could not sign with another team. I get to retire as a Calgary Flame.”

And so, Theo Fleury heads off into the sunset. He has accomplished something incredible and will always be remembered as a Calgary Flame.

Posted by Jordan Richardson.

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