Habs Down Two Defenders

The start of the 2009-2010 NHL season hasn’t exactly been good for the Montreal Canadiens. With so much promise and a brand spankin’ new line-up, Habs fans were excited about the possibilities.

Now, however, many fans are just hoping that a day goes by without a new injury.

First it was all-star defenceman Andrei Markov. Markov went down on Thursday’s season opener thanks to a lacerated tendon in his ankle. The injury will keep him out for approximately four months, putting the Canadiens in serious trouble without their number one defenceman.

The next blow to the organization came with Ryan O’Byrne’s injury on Saturday night. O’Byrne has a knee sprain and will be out about six weeks.

There’s no questioning the value a defenceman like Markov has for a team. He was expected to lead the defensive corps in Montreal this season. Lauded for his power play quarterbacking, it now looks like the Habs will have to turn elsewhere for the boost Markov provides.

With O’Byrne, the injury stunts the growth of a promising future yet again. He was expected to fit in the line-up nicely and to use his size to get things done. Over the last two seasons, O’Byrne had only played in 70 games. This was going to be his year in Montreal.

Yannick Weber has been called up from the Hamilton Bulldogs to help fill in.

Posted by Jordan Richardson.

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