Note to Leafs Fans, Calm Down!

I have been a Toronto Maple Leaf fan for many years. I can understand the frustration at the 0-2-1 start this year.

Is it time to push the panic button? The answer is a very simple “no.”

I would agree over the last four years the Toronto Maple Leafs have given us a lot of headaches. Given the recent optimism for Brian Burke and his makeover, the fans need to relax. The Leafs are not playing well as a team, but who can blame them. We have a new roster that is trying to mesh with the old (return players) roster. It does not and will not happen overnight.

Now the city has decided to use Vesa Toskala as the latest scapegoat. Do you remember Andrew Raycroft, Bryan McCabe and, to go way back, Larry Murphy? Why does the city need to have someone to blame?

We have a lot of pride in Toronto and I for one was excited to hear Brian Burke was coming to help the city of Toronto. He has already put the team on the right track; the roster is in better shape than last year. We, the Toronto fans, must have patience and continue to support the Leafs, no matter how long it takes.

The Leafs are not the only team having a slow start. Vancouver, Detroit and New Jersey all have not won games yet.

I have more bad news as I expect the Leafs will not beat Pittsburgh. The record will be 0-3-1 and facing another Toronto media onslaught.

So I am going on record and giving Toronto fans (like myself) some hope: we play Colorado and the New York Rangers twice next week. I am going on record that after the game Saturday 17th of October the Leafs will be 3-3-1.

This is not a statement that NY Rangers or Colorado are pushovers by any means. I feel time will heal all wounds and that time is next week.

If I am wrong then you can tell me I was wrong. The bright side is I am not losing faith, hope or patience.


Posted by Trevor Fuchs


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