Philly Interested in Shanahan?

Brendan Shanahan wants to play in the National Hockey League this season, that much is clear, and the Philadelphia Flyers may well be the team that he winds up skating for.

The Ottawa Sun is reporting that Shanahan, who is now 39, is being courted by the Flyers. The newspaper also placed the Montreal Canadiens and the Boston Bruins on the list of interested parties. Boston, with recent injury troubles, would seem to be a possibility for the forward, but the recent acquisition of Daniel Paille may have plugged the holes in the Bruins’ roster.

Shanahan spent last season with the New Jersey Devils but was cut loose from the franchise at the end of September after signing a one year contract in August and determining that he was unable to secure a solid role with the team. Shanny responded to the snub by saying that the team wasn’t a “suitable fit” for him and expressed a desire to play in the NHL this year.

There’s no questioning Shanahan’s desire to play the game. He can still put the puck in the net, too, and holds one of the best releases in the game today. As the NHL’s leading active goal-scorer, for him to continue to lace the skates would be a thing of beauty. Shanahan is by no means ready to retire and there are several teams that could benefit from his veteran presence.

Shanahan wants to remain near New York because that’s where his family is, but there’s no word on whether the Rangers are a viable option for his services. His contract will be a bargain, probably sitting around the $1 million the Devils gave him before sending him packing, which is a steal all things considered.

Philadelphia does make for a good choice for Shanny, as the proximity to New York is a clear plus and the team’s style of play seems right up his alley. He could be a solid performer on the power play and would be a great presence to have in the locker room.

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One thought on “Philly Interested in Shanahan?

  1. Now that Simon Gagne is on the IR
    Shanny would be a perfect fit for philly
    not that #14 was never a good fit
    he is the the perfect poster boy Flyer
    I can’t understand why there is 30 teams out there and yet they still have not signed him He still has water in the well.
    With all the young talent out there,
    good veteran leadership is very important.
    When the Penguins signed Bill Guerin, Another seasoned vet,
    I think it had a bigger impact then most believe.
    He wasn’t the sole reason the cup was one, but he was a big reason
    that is for sure.


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