John Stevens is Precarious in Philadelphia

Sources in Philadelphia say that coach John Stevens’ job could be in jeopardy if the Flyers don’t improve soon. With tonight’s Philly loss to the Vancouver Canucks, it doesn’t look like things have turned around.

The Flyers were heavily hyped going into this season, picked by many analysts to challenge for the Stanley Cup. They have a solid roster and look terrific on paper, especially after acquiring Chris Pronger, but success hasn’t come easy (if at all) in the City of Brotherly Love. And it looks like Stevens will be to blame.

Stevens is already on the hot seat for his team’s performance, but being shut out by the Canucks isn’t going to help cool things off.

There has already been talk of a replacement for Stevens in Philly, with some interesting names being bandied about by the locals. Craig Berube, former Flyers assistance coach, has been given some consideration along with Peter Laviolette and Craig MacTavish.

Of course, the team claims to be behind Stevens. “We’re 100% behind him,” Flyers centre Jeff Carter told the South Jersey Courier-Post. “All he can do is give us a game plan and it’s up to us to go and play. You can’t push the panic button. The game plan works. We just have to go out and do it.”

The Flyers boasted an impressive record in October, going 8-2-1 only to fall to a dismal record in November. With December on tap, Stevens will have to hope that past history speaks volumes. The Flyers have twice endured 10-game losing skids during his tenure and he’s managed to hold his post thus far.

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2 thoughts on “John Stevens is Precarious in Philadelphia

  1. As a die hard Flyer fan
    I really hate watching this.
    What is Paul Holmgren waiting for?
    The team is too good to be playing like this
    For the most part Emery and Boucher have done there job
    But the guys have been inconsistent in front of both goalies and the intensity that flyers need to bring is missing on most nights.
    The thing this team lacks is intensity
    they have the guys to make it happen.
    Last year when they blew that big lead against pittsburg I thought that might be the time
    John stevens reminds me of the coach Jay Triano of the Toronto Raptors,
    Nice guys but a little too soft.
    I like the idea of Craig Berube stepping in, he has always been a no nonsense guy
    I think he can turn things around.
    Also he his already the assistant coach, the players know and respect him
    So there is a proven track record.
    What ever is the final decision, I would like to see this mess get cleaned up right now not later in the season, points are so valuable.


  2. Well Put Mike Burns…

    A very frustrated Flyers fan here(comes with the territory when you’re a philly fan). First I was a Philly Flyers fan
    and a closet Pitts Penguins fan. Now I am a Philly Flyers fan who is now as unapologetic Pittsburgh Penguins fan.
    I was never sold on John Stevens coaching this team and I think we gave up too much to get Chris Pronger. The way
    the defense is playing is not doing Ray Emery justice just like the Sens in the ’06 Finals. Oh I know fighting is apart of hockey
    but they need to be smarter about it. Remember Carcillo, Talbot has a ring you don’t. Start putting the puck in the net guys.


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