Oilers Trying to Move Souray?

It might be hard to believe, but the Ottawa Sun is reporting that the Edmonton Oilers are trying to shop Sheldon Souray around to ditch his cap hit. Souray is worth $5.4 million against the cap and that might be something the Oilers are interested in getting rid of, says the paper.

Of course, Souray has a no-trade clause and will thus have to give the a-okay to any deal struck. Whether the Oilers want to go down that sort of road again remains to be seen and there doesn’t seem to be much sense in the team moving their power play point man at this point. Finding a replacement for Souray’s shot would be difficult, but stranger things have happened.

Souray is 32 years old and has three years left on his contract, so moving him would free up a good amount of cash for the Oil.

Among the teams shopped around for Souray’s services in the rumour mill are the Montreal Canadiens. This is especially interesting because it would that Sheldon would return to the fold. The Oilers have been showing considerable interest in Andrei and Sergei Kostitsyn, says the Sun, and could be jockeying for position to gain their services by batting Souray’s name into the mix.

The Oilers were also discussing a deal involving Andrew Cogliano and the Habs in some capacity, so that also may come about. Cogliano’s name has been included in various trade rumours as of late.

Trading Souray might look like an odd, unbelievable move at this point and time. The Oilers would certainly miss his presence, but if they have a goal in mind and a set of players they’re interested in they could reasonably pull the trigger on a trade with the big defenceman.

Posted by Jordan Richardson.

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One thought on “Oilers Trying to Move Souray?

  1. well if the playoffs don’t seem likely with the current roster
    why not?
    In this cap era moves like this ( moving souray )
    He is would be a valuable player to many teams
    I would not just end it it with the Habs
    I am sure Jersey could create a better offer
    yes that is sure or probably 28 other teams.
    I don’t know why Edmonton would trade cogliano, he hasn’t even hit his peak yet


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