Andy Murray Fired

The St. Louis Blues have apparently run out of patience with Andy Murray and fired him Saturday morning. Murray was let go just 48 hours after his former team coughed up a 3-1 lead over the Canucks to head to their fourth straight loss.

Murray was replaced by minor-league coach Davis Payne.

The Blues currently sit 12th in the Western Conference and have a 17-17-6 record. They’re nine points behind Los Angeles and the final playoff spot, so the losing skid wasn’t doing Murray any favours as head coach.

“We just lost too many games we were in a position to win,” Murray said. “Way too many losses at home, too many games we were leading. We’re a .500 team and we haven’t played good enough. Ultimately, that’s what I’m judged on.”

Murray received and deserved heaps of praise last season for his 25-9-7 record in the second half of the season. It appeared that he had given the Blues the shot in the arm they needed as they reached the playoffs for the first time in five years, but a first round sweep at the hands of the Canucks brought the club crashing back down to earth.

Since then it’s been business as usual for the Blues and Murray’s departure really was a foregone conclusion.

Murray was hired by the Blues in December of 2006 and was clearly not in everyone’s good books.

“I don’t think he was on the same page with everybody,” Blues forward Cam Janssen said. “I think guys didn’t know where they stood with him, and I think that’s not a good thing to have in the locker-room. I had no idea where I was with him and I couldn’t understand what he was trying to tell me. It was a bizarre situation.”

Regardless, Murray is a good coach and he’ll land on his feet somewhere in the National Hockey League. His style may not be for everyone, but here’s hoping he winds up behind the bench again as soon as possible.

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One thought on “Andy Murray Fired

  1. Andy Murray a coach for the St.Louis Blues?
    Doesn’t make much sense, he always looked out of place.
    Besides a team so young needs a coach who isn’t afraid to break a few chairs to get his point across.
    I am not sold on John Davidson either, it seems like his success story as a GM has yet to be told, and most likely will never be a story for people to remember.

    I am finding that it is becoming trite for all these ex players with no experience at coaching or managing to become the men in charge.
    An ego is not good enough.
    I wish the Blues the well,
    Just think been around since 1967 no cups to show for, that is another story not likely to change anytime soon either.


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