Curtis Joseph to Retire Tuesday

Former Maple Leafs goaltender Curtis Joseph will formally announce his retirement Tuesday afternoon at the Air Canada Centre, ending a career that leaves him with 454 wins.

Joseph served as backup to Vesa Toskala last season in Toronto but left the team after they signed 25-year-old Jonas Gustavsson.

Joseph has an impressive career under his belt and should leave the game with his head held high. He is fourth in all-time wins, trailing only Martin Brodeur, Patrick Roy and Ed Belfour in that category. Joseph played in 958 regular season games, suiting up for 19 seasons with six different teams. He played for St. Louis, Edmonton, Detroit, Phoenix, Calgary and Toronto.

Joseph’s best days were probably in the time between 1998 and 2002, as he suited up as a workhorse in goal for the Maple Leafs. He posted 17 shutouts in 249 games during that period, helping the Leafs make the conference finals twice.

A quality individual on and off the ice, Cujo’s presence in the National Hockey League will be missed. He always came to play and gave it his all each and every single time he stepped between the pipes.

Posted by Jordan Richardson.


2 thoughts on “Curtis Joseph to Retire Tuesday

  1. Cujo
    He could be a good one that’s for sure
    One thing i wish for the Keswick Ontario native
    a Stanley cup ring, He played so hard and quite often kept his team alive.
    On a Selfish note,
    Back in the mid 90’s Philly probably made their biggest mistake as far as not signing someone is not concerned ( doesn’t sound right but you know what I mean)
    When the 3 goalies Mike Richter, Johnny Vanbiesbrook, and Curtis Joesph were
    all free agents The Flyers had the money to sign any one of them.
    But Bobby Clarke chose Johnny Vanbiesbrook over the other two,
    Hind sight is 20/20, but it was a major mistake
    Even years later Clarke admitted if he picked Cujo the Fyers would have had a good chance to it all, seeing how they made the conference finals 3 years in a row with Johnny V.
    You got to think Cujo would have helped in that brutal Flyer Perfomance during the Stanley cup final in 1997.
    Will Cujo make the Hall Of Fame?
    I hope so, he probably should have quit the game a couple of years ago but sometimes your body quits, before your heart and soul do.
    I think Curtis Joesph always a gentleman deserves great recognition. I am not going to say he was one of the top 10 goalies to play between the pipes, but I’d say he is in the top 25 for sure.
    Thanks for the Memories Cujo you were fun to watch even if I never cheered for the team you played for.


  2. Although I got pissed when the Cuj left the Oilers for the dog-ass leafs[not worth capitalizing[, have to admit he was great. Disagree on finest years were with those Central Canadian losers, check out his record in St. Loo, when he faced 50-60 shots per game & with the ever lovin’ Oilers, especially against Dallas in the playoffs. Thanks for the article bzr


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