Notes on the Kovalchuk Saga

A whole lot of names are being batted around alongside Ilya Kovalchuk, as an eventual destination for the Thrasher could be just about anywhere. Looking around online, it’s getting increasingly more difficult to sort out the facts from the rumours. At this point and time, nothing is known in concrete terms about where Kovalchuk could wind up.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to take a look at some of the scraps, right?

The Los Angeles Kings are said to be in the market for Kovalchuk, says Ken Campbell from The Hockey News. Campbell cited multiple sources when he said that the Kings were interested in the player, but he also noted that the asking price was more than Dean Lombardi wanted to spend. Even so, terms are being bandied about between the Thrashers and Kings and that stands as being a possible trade that could see Kovalchuk sunning it up in California.

The thing people need to keep in mind, as Campbell pointed out, is that Kovalchuk may actually not move before the March 3 deadline. While most observers think the guy’s going to get passed somewhere else, it may not actually happen. As surprising as the possibilities are, it’s also possible that this whole saga won’t wrap up during this year’s regular season.

Then there’s the possibility of Kovalchuk going to Colorado, a possibility floated in theory form by Rory Boylen’s blog. He noted that the Avalanche have a history of shrewd moves of this nature and that their position in the standings could lend them to interest in a player of Kovalchuk’s calibre. Pierre Lacroix did indeed spend some bank on building big teams for his championships and he didn’t think twice about adding players like Patrick Roy, Ray Bourque and Rob Blake to the mix. While Greg Sherman is the GM, Lacroix still parks in the presidential parking space and may have the clout to swing something.

Lacroix could go Kovy if need be and, with about $7 million in cap space available, anything’s possible.

Yahoo Sports has reported rumours of Kovalchuk heading to Toronto. Of course, no circle of trade talks would be complete without somehow interjecting the Blessed Leafs into the deal. Even so, Mark J. Miller seems pretty convinced that Kovalchuk could be dressing in blue and white before season’s end.

Miller notes that Brian Burke will need to decide on the future of key components like Ian White and Jonas Gustavsson first, though, and that’s where the absurdity of his report starts to unravel. Is Kovalchuk really worth that type of gamble in Toronto? Isn’t that the exact type of player Burke seems to be against signing?

“There are a bunch of Leafs that become free agents this summer and the team could save itself more than $12 million if it let them all go, but one player cannot replace them all on the ice,” Miller writes. Very astute, Mark. You cannot replace a “bunch of Leafs” with one player.

At the end of the day, it’s still anybody’s guess as to where the Kovalchukian one will end up. But one thing’s for sure: it sure is fun to speculate!

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5 thoughts on “Notes on the Kovalchuk Saga

  1. Ilya Kovalchuk

    He has everyone talking, here is what I Think
    No Blue and White for Ilya ( Hey Brian Burke Kovy wants a cup )
    I am starting to think Burke thinks he could do everything
    ( Brian your days as a Mastermind in Anaheim are finished——- WAKE UP you are Toronto now ) Not even your arrogance will help you here!
    Do they really think the Leafs will go anywhere just because they add Kovy
    When the Elite Sundin was around it was clearly not enough.

    In regards to Colorado, They have been playing well
    There is a future there, but does Kovy want that.
    Even still they are all a bunch of young lads
    Come playoff time they will not pull through
    There is a reason why I never heard much about Craig Anderson before the Season, yes he is a having a great year, but I really doubt if he is the real deal.
    I need to see what he does in the playoffs end during the following years.

    You are right, in the past Colorado has pulled off some monster deals.
    But those teams in mid nineties may have been one of the best teams ever assembled
    The attraction to be a part of that team was pretty Obvious
    Two things made them a power house, Eric Lindros saying he won’t play in Quebec
    That deal brought such fortunes like Peter Forsberg.
    Andrei Kovalenko, Martin Rucinsky, and Joclyn Thibeault for a disgruntled Goaltender
    One of Hockey’s greatest in the prime of his Career—- Patrick Roy —-
    And of course the legend Joe Sackic, I can’t forget about him
    There were so many greats on that team
    I really don’t believe the current line up will sway Kovy the way it once could.

    So where is Kovy going
    No not the Rangers, ( well I hope not ) Besides Kovy knows they wouldn’t have the cash to keep him
    Lundqvist, Gaborik, Drury, Redden alone are very expensive dudes.

    That is why I believe the Calgary Flames could do it.
    They would even risk losing a guy like Phaneuf, to make it happen
    I don’t know of a team that could sacrifice a player like that and be OK
    They have to do something, On paper they are great but they
    are struggling big time, they need a shot in the arm ASAP.
    They have great value for Kovy in return, and they are attractive
    If he is added to the line up
    they could seriously threaten once again to finally bring back the Stanley Cup to a city who has not won a championship in over 20 years.


  2. You have a good point
    Kopitar, Frolov, Kovy
    That would be a pretty deadly Euro trio
    not sure if they would be on the same line but the power play might have some room for them.
    Kovy going to LA, it could happen.


  3. I don’t see Kovy fitting in with Calgary’s system. Not defensive enough, for starters, and the Sutters would eat him alive. I don’t even think Calgary’s fans would be all that into him. Plus they’d have to move a lot more than just Phaneuf to make room for him.

    Kovy needs the sun and the spotlight, I think, and wants to develop into a marquee player somewhere. Los Angeles, Colorado, Dallas, or even Ottawa could be possibilities. And don’t count Nashville out. They’ve got loads of cap space and might be into a player like him.


  4. Jordan you make a good case with your thoughts on Calgary and Kovy.
    I guess Calgary could be a long shot with what your saying.
    I am still not ruling it out completely though.
    If Calgary doesn’t make the playoffs you got to wonder if they will even want the Sutter brothers around anymore.
    Calgary Management might just pull the plug,
    Who knows?
    Regarding defense, Sometimes when you have a guy that can score or 50 goals on a bad team, you overlook things.
    What numbers would he put up on a good team.
    Most Fans can be fickle at best, yes they are loyal to a certain degree but if someone like Kovy creates success, it won’t take long to win them over.

    Now that I think of it I wonder if the Wings would take a stab at Kovy
    I am not sure of how much money teams have concerning the cap but this particular situation could make a lot happen. Teams seem to have no problem dumping guys when it matters most.
    Kovy is too talented of a player not to consider as part of your roster weather we like him or not.
    Let it be said if Kovy wants to remain a player in The NHL, you know there will be many teams fighting to get his service.


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