In Burke We Trust

Sorry to everyone as it has been a while since I have blogged.

It has been a long winter so far, watching the Toronto Maple Leafs fall apart at every turn. The reason this year I have not thrown my hands up and tossed something at the the TV is one person Brian Burke.

A lot of people have criticized Burke at every turn, which is part of the job I bet Mr. Burke would say. The difference is Burke does not tip toe around things and speaks his mind. Mr. Burke does care about success in Toronto and will establish that “winning” feeling soon. Too much was made of this playoff “promise” that the media has put Burke on the cross for.

The deal for Kessel was also a long story that I do not believe Burke has to explain over and over again. Burke made a splash and we will see in time if the trade failed. Let’s assume for the moment the Leafs finish bottom three. The players all scouted in those spots could be 2-3 years away from the NHL. Kessel with a better support cast would be years ahead of these players, let us all keep in mind the sniper is only 22.

The problem is too many Leaf fans cannot get out of the past, they need to forget the Kurvers/Niedermayer trade and other potential players missed. We need to support the man who will save the Leafs. Mr. Burke cares too much about this team and knows what it takes to fix it.

To my Leaf faithful friends I say, “relax” and have patience as Burke will get us out of this hole. The team as it sits is a bunch of 3rd or 4th line players (except for Kessel) and how can you expect this team to compete in the playoffs against a powerhouse like Washington and Pittsburgh.

I am looking forward to the trade deadline to hope Burke can move the dead weight off this team. Many of the players needing to go are UFA’s this summer and I believe the 2010/2011 will surprise many.

I would like to give you a little preview of the draft in 2011….. Boston selects with Toronto’s pick #20 overall……..

Go Leafs Go

Posted By Trevor Fuchs.


9 thoughts on “In Burke We Trust

  1. Hey Trevor I am not sure the Leafs will have the the 10th best team this year
    expect Boston to be able to a have a top 10 pick from the Leafs this year and the next.
    Unfortunately they have invested too much money in guys like Blake, Komisarek, Exelby etc. And what are they going to do with Kaberle?
    The truth is I don’t think there is much money to be spent and also the guys the Leafs can offer for the most part in terms of their hockey skills, are less then attractive.
    I wish them well, but at this team I don’t Even Brian Burke can’t bring this team back
    It will be a long time before The Leafs really start competing again.


  2. Geez does someone have a man crush on Burke LOL. Have you noticed a disturbing trend though? Blake should have been the first one on the block, he was the start of the downfall, not a character player like Tucker, but no Blake is an American. Trade away the future for another American player that so far hasn’t amounted to much. Top draft pick another American. Lose to the Kings and Wilson talks about the American player on the other team. Burke and Wilson have taken a team who just missed the playoffs and made them into a team thats at the bottem of the league. I wish I had your trust in Burke and his side kick but the truth is Canada’s team is slowly turning into team USA, I think Leafs Nation will curse the day these two Americans took over the helm. I really hope I am wrong though


  3. Hey Mike,

    A pleasure as always.

    No the pick for next year will be #20 not this year. I expect Boston to get a top 3 pick. Again, I agree with Burke and would still take Kessel over Hall or whoever the top 3 picks will be.

    There is no way in hell this team will sit and struggle again next year. Maybe that is my heart speaking for my brain (as most leafs fans suffer from). However, I truly feel Burke’s ego and brash attitude will not let the Leafs fail again next year.

    The money invested into Blake is from the past and should not count on Burke’s card. Although I think it is about time Burke live up to his word and send this guy to the minors, to play out the last few years or release him with the millions this franchise makes it is a no brainier.

    Komisarek is another story and again let’s give it time. He has been injured and was horrid to start the season. Komisarek himself has a lot of pride and the fans of Toronto are setting him up to join Raycroft, McCabe, Murphy & all the others we rode out of town. I was happy to see Raycroft go…. No Heart!

    You have to agree Burke is a mastermind and finding ways around deals, etc and it should make for an interesting couple of months.

    I can only stress to Burke to obtain a goalie like Biron or Roloson next year to give Guffy a little support as leaving the #1 job to him is a mistake.



  4. Jordan Richardson January 28, 2010 — 10:37 am

    Derek, I was fully in agreement with just about everything you said until I came across that awful pair of words that represents all of the things wrong with Toronto: “Canada’s team.”

    Forgive me, but that’s bullshit.

    Leafs fans are like cultists, standing up for their beloved team without a hint of awareness of Canada’s other more successful franchises and following the Doctrine of Leafdom at all costs even to the point of applauding a team that hasn’t had a modicum of actual success in ages. The Toronto Maple Leafs are THE most unbelievably overpraised team in Canadian sports and are perhaps the most overrated franchise in all of professional sports. At least the worshippers of the Lakers or the Yankees have some championships to go on in their respective teams’ modern eras.

    Look, the rest of Canada already knows that Toronto is supposed to be God’s Country and that the Leafs are supposed to be God’s Team. We get it. But for cryin’ out loud, maybe it’s time for some actual accomplishment in T-Dot before Burke’s boys get to be called “Canada’s team” again.


  5. The Leafs will never amount to anything. It doesn’t matter if the GM is Brian Burke, John Ferguson Jr, or Sam Pollock. The ownership of MLSE is only interested in making money, and as long as the fans keep watching the games, buying the tickets (at obscene prices), and buying the souvenirs, there is no incentive for this team to improve on the ice.
    From a hockey standpoint, the Leafs are a failure. From a business standpoint, they’re brilliant.


  6. Bill I really like what you have to say
    They are the biggest con in all of sports
    They do the same thing all the time
    They produce garbage, then they dangle something adequate
    ( they have that ability to brainwash their fans into thinking the product is better then what it is )
    Come close but thats it , MLSE are nothing but a phrase and as long as people allow this, this what they get
    It is a SHAM the sweater of the maple leafs once stood for pride!


  7. Hey Jordan, no disrespect was intended. I love all the Canadian teams. I used that expression to get across my point of Burke’s obvoius attemp to load a Canadian team with American players. I agree they are not “Canada’s team”, but thats said, they may not be the most sucessful team in terms of standings but no one can argue they are the most profitable by a long shot in Canada (althought I agree why?), so I really think thats where the term came from. Again no disrespect to any Fans of Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Monteal or even Ottawa, as I am also a big fan of all, even Ottawa. GO Canada GO! Hey Bill I think you nailed it, if the Leafs had a really owner that actually cared things would be way different in Toronto.


  8. Jordan Richardson January 29, 2010 — 7:59 pm

    Understood, Derek. Obviously having the CBC and other Leafs fans cramming the whole “Canada’s team” junk down my West Coast throat hasn’t made me any less sensitive to the concept.


  9. Here’s my trouble with what’s happened: We were promised a hard reset. Entirely rebuild the team. What happened? We traded our 1st round picks for 2 years away. Granted, Phil Kessel is an excellent player and will no doubt do well. But we don’t get the hard reset. We don’t get young guns coming through (a la Pittsburgh, and now LA). No reset, poor leafs.


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