In Burke We Trust Part 2

It’s a good day to be a Leafs fan as the mastermind proved again why he is one of the best in the business. In my last article someone called me a Burke booster and I am a fan. Like him or hate him, you have to admire Burke’s ability to do the unthinkable.

Burke promised change and yesterday delivered on it. Did he ever….

I cannot believe the chatter out there in the world today. Many Leafs fans are upset (can you believe it) about these deals. These are the same fans that only days ago wanted Blake and Toskala’s ran out of town. The same fans that all agreed Stajan and Hagman are not top 6 material.

Burke has first brought in Jean-Sebastien Giguere to settle the goaltending issue. I firmly believe he will become our number one short term and for the 2010/2011 season, with Gustavsson taking over mid early 2011. Just like Felix Potvin did, when Grant Fuhr was traded a while back. If Gustavsson chooses another path, then I believe Giguere could sign long term and become the next in line of Potvin, Joseph, and Belfour.

Burke has second brought in Dion Phaneuf to bolster a defence in a big way. I am not about to explain what Phaneuf can do for us as that is evident. His deal means more defence to be dealt, in other words more deals coming soon.

The only loss in my opinion is Ian White. He is a solid reliable defenceman that played well his time here. I wish him well in Calgary.

I have to laugh when I see Leaf fans, complaining about the fact we dealt two top scorers for Toronto. Wait a minute, we are 29th in the league and there for a reason. Who cares what players will score this year as this season looks to be a wash. Do you really think Burke will enter 2010/2011 season opening night with no more changes?

Phaneuf is 23 and has his best years ahead of him. Giguere is 32 and should have a couple more winning seasons ahead of him. This clean house type deals are just what we asked of Burke. People wake up and rejoice, no more Blake and Toskala.

The biggest gem might not be seen for a little while – Keith Aulie is a 6’6” defenceman with a lot of promise. I can see him at his age and size stepping into the line-up this fall. We can all pretend this is our 2010 draft pick. I had to think of the lost Leaf fans, who are in dire need of Burke to land a 2010 pick.

In a season with disappointment, some true excitement is happening. So put that Leafs jersey back on with pride!!!!!


Posted by Trevor Fuchs.


1 thought on “In Burke We Trust Part 2

  1. The Leafs for the first time in a while impressed me more then just a little with there moves of late.
    Not Just because Phaneuf and Giggy had great games but this deal makes a pile of sense.
    Right away blake ( major dead weight is gone, so is his salary )
    Toskala it was time 2 years ago probably more for him to go
    Hagman is OK, but never a Superstar, I like Stajan and White both have good upswing but neither were ever going to be premier players themselves.
    And Jamal Mayers, this guy skates on wood and demands a trade, he should be happy he is even in the NHL.
    This is why Dion Phaneuf makes so much sense.
    He is a leader and can be the guy to where the C
    And if Kaberle was traded the Leafs would still have a top gun on their back end.

    Having Giguere is not just a better option then Toskala
    I think he lost some of his Mojo in Anaheim
    Jonas Hiller became the guy, and J.S. probably tried to hard to get his #1 status back.
    So he gets a fresh start under the old GM and yes he could help the Monster develop his game.
    As long as G.S. doesn’t complain about his lack of time is playing time should be
    well appreciated in Toronto
    Well all that and the Leafs save cash while doing this
    Good job Burke,
    Yes I find you arrogant but you have done done the Leafs good.


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