Kovalchuk Deal Expected Soon

It could be a matter of days or even hours, but a trade involving Atlanta’s Ilya Kovalchuk is expected soon. Very soon.

There are still a number of possibilities for a final destination for Kovalchuk and the speculation is running rampant. The only sure bit of news is that Atlanta Thrashers GM Don Waddell told his player to expect a trade in the coming hours or days. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on Tuesday that Waddell had not talked to Kovalchuk or his agent, Jay Grossman, about anything in over a week.

Some are looking at busy Calgary Flames GM Darryl Sutter to make a move for Kovalchuk. He’s got about $1.2 million worth of cap space and has been rather active making moves as of late and Sutter could swing the deal by simply sending a bit of money to Atlanta in exchange for the player.

Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles are also said to be in the running for Kovalchuk’s services.

As the clock ticks away, a number of other possibilities are being discussed. Twitter is abuzz with rumours, with suggestions that Kovalchuk is nearing a deal with Anaheim or New Jersey. One discussion has him going to the Devils in exchange for Bergfors, Oduya, Palmieri, and a draft pick. Others are reporting a deal with Anaheim involving Scott Neidermayer and Bobby Ryan.

Waddell also scouted the Flyers and Islanders last week, too, and the New York Rangers are said to also be in the running after clearing some cap room.

The problem with signing Kovalchuk is that he’s a bit of a risk at this point and time. Nobody is sure about his intentions for next season, with word that he’s going to head to the KHL being floated around most clubs. When Kovalchuk signs, he’ll most likely be signing to a team he believes will take him to a Cup win.

We’ll be keeping you posted on all the Kovalchuk news as the clock ticks away.

Posted by Jordan Richardson.

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