Olympic Ladies Hockey – Needs to Change

The 2010 Ladies Olympic Hockey competition does not carry the flash and sparkle as the mens Olympic Hockey competition does. It is mainly due to the lack of strong teams in the world for ladies hockey. Watching so far the Canadian women rack up 18-0 and 10-1 scores has been downright boring.

I am Canadian and proud of it. However, I am not proud watching this excuse for an Olympicm event. I have a solution to make the ladies hockey more enjoyable and worthwhile for everyone involved.

Over the years leading up to an Olympic Year, they should have a world rank. Then for the Olympics the two top ranked teams have a seven game series, winner of the series captures gold. The loser receives nothing. A second gold medal along with silver and bronze should be created for the remaining teams who would follow the current format to determine medals.

The approach would give both top 2 ranked teams (USA and Canada) a feeling of sudden death – all or nothing for GOLD, this would also allow the less talented countries a shot at a gold medal and give their fans an event that would be watched and cheered, like the mens hockey event is today.
We all know that Canada and USA are getting the top 2 medals in this tournament. How can we sit here and accept this. We need to challenge ourselves and a 7 game series would create a buzz for an Olympic event, which today is nothing more than a footnote.

This is not to say we are not proud when we win gold, however, we beat one team and not the world. We all know Canada is the best in the world and USA are a close second. I do not think other countries would have any issues admitting that as well.

The Olympics is about competition and scores of 18-0 need to stop. The less talented teams who spend the time training and the players who give up time in their personal lives for the Olympics should be given some hope at a medal. Today’s Olympic hockey setup gives them a shot at bronze at best.


Posted by Trevor Fuchs

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One thought on “Olympic Ladies Hockey – Needs to Change

  1. Isn’t that what the IIHF World tournaments are for?

    The thing with women’s hockey is that it’s still a growing sport. League play is still getting off the ground in a lot of places and the competition around the world is basically limited to the European leagues and a few floundering North American leagues.

    The Western Women’s Hockey League, for example, is only one of two women’s leagues on the continent. Before we start thinking about implementing a structural change to the Olympics, I think there should be more consideration to women’s hockey as a whole sport first.

    Your idea seems to be a band-aid solution to a perceived problem, but it’s a start. I don’t particularly agree with the idea of stopgap solutions to reward less skilled players, but I do agree that something should be done to level the proverbial playing field.


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