Canada Takes Out Germany

In a performance that seemed to fill in all the gaps left by previous games in the tournament, Team Canada took out the Germans on Tuesday night to advance in the 2010 Olympics.

Canada kept the zones clogged, for the most part, and really worked on crashing the German net throughout the game. Goals came from all angles, with Joe Thornton getting things started 10 minutes into the first period. The onslaught continued, with Canada finally getting some much-needed cohesion out of pairing Crosby with Eric Staal and Jarome Iginla.

The line came up with two goals for Iginla and added another for Crosby, demonstrating the power of those three players if they’re paired with the right linemates.

Germany did break through Roberto Luongo and Co. twice, catching the Canadians on a sloppy setup in their own end 36 minutes in and adding another quick one as time ticked away on the clock.

But the win was a decisive one and Canadians have reason to celebrate – for now. The Russians are up next on Wednesday and they’ll be a more complicated test for a Canadian squad that still has a lot of work to do. With lofty expectations, Canada will have less than 24 hours to prepare for the next game.

Cohesion will continue to be the name of the game and coach Babcock will need to hold his lines together the best he can. Resisting the temptation to juggle is going to be key, as it seems that Crosby has finally discovered who he can play with on the team and he’ll need that sense of constancy to bring his teammates up to the level they should be playing at.

The Russians will be a tough team to tackle, no doubt about it, and Canada will need to keep things going forward throughout the game.

I believe Luongo is the best bet in goal to face off against the Russian club, as Martin Brodeur’s puckhandling may put the Canadians in some unnecessary danger against the high-flying opposition.

Posted by Jordan Richardson.

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