Canada Crushes Russia

In a game that was expected to be a challenge for the Canadians, Team Canada defeated the Russians by a score of 7-3 on Wednesday night to keep their gold medal hopes alive at the 2010 Olympics.

It was an exciting contest that saw the Canadians sticking to their system throughout. They kept the shot totals high yet again, continuing the trend of firing over an incredible volume of shots per game on goal that they’ve utilized throughout the tournament so far. Canada was able to convert their shots to quality chances against the Russians, however, and used their physical play to rattle Evgeni Nabokov early and often.

After scoring six goals on the San Jose Sharks goalie, Canada chased Nabokov from the net and Ilya Bryzgalov stepped in as a replacement. Canada would only score one more goal, but the they kept the tempo up throughout the rest of the contest.

Perhaps the main key to Canada’s success during the game was their ability to contain Alex Ovechkin. Canada pressured him hard and he was visibly rattled by the attention. Coach Mike Babcock’s decision to put Ovie in the path of his checking line paid off and the Russian superstar remained a non-threat throughout the game.

Canada’s mobile defence chipped in, too, with Dan Boyle and Drew Doughty proving why they were selected for the team with electrifying rushes and tremendous physical play. Chris Pronger and Scott Niedermayer both played their best game of the tournament so far too, demonstrating veteran leadership in key situations and playing tight on Russia’s rushing forwards.

Babcock’s decision to go with Roberto Luongo proved to be the right one, too, as the Vancouver Canuck kept things in control and stopped an considerable onslaught of shots on goal. A highlight came when he stoned Evgeni Malkin on a late breakaway. The crowd’s excitement over having the home team hero play in goal was evident with every “Luuu.”

The win was a historical one, marking the first time Canada has defeated Russia at the Olympics since 1960.

Canada is now set to play the winner of the Slovakia-Sweden game that goes later Wednesday. The next game for Canada will take place on Friday at 6:30 pm PST.

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One thought on “Canada Crushes Russia

  1. It seems fitting that Canada pulls it together like they did
    This tournament allows you to have a bad game
    but only in the preliminary stages
    Over the course there was panic and members of the media gave up on them i.e. Doug Mclean of sports Net
    ( no wonder why he can’t find a job in the NHL anywhere )

    I believe they played well enough to defeat the Over rated Americans but made some big errors that were capitalized upon almost every time.
    Martin Broduer just was not himself, Broduer is Amazing but over his great career he has flopped from time to time.
    That’s why Canada is so lucky to have a guy like Luongo that can save the day.
    From here on out unless their is injury I have to think the job of being the # 1 goalie is now Roberto’s
    Also the team used that loss as a wake up call,
    Instead of them playing like a bunch of captains they just played like a team
    Having 13 forwards to juggle was a distraction for the Bear hunter Mike Babcock
    He drove me nuts watching guys playing on different lines, no chemistry or guys that sat maybe should have been able to get more ice time.
    A mass confusion to say the least.
    But because Canada is so Talented and loaded with depth. we survived the EGO CRISIS

    Now what?
    The Slovaks, They have been highly underestimated and could give a good battle
    But I am thinking Canada will most likely be too much to handle
    There defense is tough, but lets face it their goalie is not even the #1 goaltender on the Montreal Canadians.
    How Can Halak handle the Crosby line, the Thornton line or any any combination thrown at him.
    Canada is so confident and right fully so, they will once again playing for gold
    against The finns or US it is hard to tell.
    The Finnish team is pretty and has been impressive so far
    but I would have to admit I would love to see Canada destroy the Americans and let them know
    Canada is the best there is
    The best there was
    And the best there will ever be
    OK I am getting little carried away quoting Brett Hart
    I am just excited, 8 years is too long to wait for the Olympic Gold
    Considering it may be the last time The Olympics will have full NHL talent such as this.


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