Chelios Signs with Atlanta

Veteran defenceman Chris Chelios has been snapped up by the Atlanta Thrashers.

The 48-year-old has spent 25 seasons in the National Hockey League and was released by the Detroit Red Wings after last season. He went on to spend time with the Thrasher’s affiliate Chicago Wolves in the AHL and posted 21 points in 44 games.

Chelios has appeared in 266 playoff games, an NHL record, and has won three Stanley Cups in his career.

With the Thrashers just two points out of a playoff spot, they’re clearly looking for a boost in the locker room from Chelios. Having traded away Ilya Kovalchuk to the New Jersey Devils in the beginning of February, the move appears to be one geared towards arming Zach Bogosian and Tobias Enstrom with a mentor with playoff experience.

It’s clear that the Thrashers haven’t given up on their post-season hopes, but whether Chelios is the type of player that can help them actually get to the playoffs remains to be seen.

Terms of the Chelios signing were not disclosed.

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One thought on “Chelios Signs with Atlanta

  1. I think the Chelios move wont hurt Atlanta, He is not there to score 20 goals rush the puck all the way up the Ice
    He is there to create stability within the defense core and within the whole team
    It amazes me how strong Chelios really is, like wine or cheese he seemed to get better as he aged.
    I realize there are the usual skeptics
    They will say Claude Lemuix was a great leader,
    but look what happened with him, or should I say what didn’t happen.
    In San Jose Claude was just in the way, and that was the best he could offer.
    The Whole Lemuix experiment was a bust, but I believe Chris will make an impact his Story is different

    The young guys really need him there in Atlanta
    He will be like the best shot in pool ” It’s not what you make, it’s you leave ”
    It would be nice if every team could hire a mentor to work with their blue chip prospects.
    Atlanta will not win the cup without Chelios, but he will plant a seed in the young team just waiting to create a new identity, maybe one that works this time.


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