Team Up and Bring Home the Cup Contest

Pepsi®, Lay’s® and Gatorade® are ready to rock with another contest and our readers also have a chance to win a $75 gift card to the NHL Store, courtesy of the fine folks putting on the Bring Home the Cup contest.

UPDATE: Due to the great response thus far in this contest, the fine AND generous folks from “Team Up & Bring Home the Cup” have provided 2 additional gift cards for us to give away! We will now be giving away $75 gift cards to 3 different people! So spread the word to your friends and one or both of you may take home an NHL gift card… and just maybe… the Stanley Cup as well!

Do You Want to Bring Home the Cup?

Amateur teams at any level can enter for a chance to bring the Stanley Cup™ to their hometown, accompanied by Mark Messier. To enter the Bring Home the Cup contest online, click here!

Adrian and I will be giving away one three $75 gift cards to the NHL Store to the winner of our own little contest we’ll be putting on here. We’re looking for the best hockey haiku you guys and gals can come up, so give it your best shot and deliver us some lines in the comments section!

For those of you who aren’t sure about a haiku, this should help out a little. Adrian and I will be closing this contest up on March 12 and picking the winners of the $75 gift card to the NHL Store, so get your entries in!

Good luck to all our entrants!

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89 thoughts on “Team Up and Bring Home the Cup Contest

  1. Here is my submission:

    Skating down the ice
    Head shots shold be banned forever
    The beautiful game…

    Loved that Canucks-Avalanche game tonight!


  2. Sorry i needed to fix one of my lines

    Dressing room is quiet,
    Croud is going crazy shaking the stands,
    The horn for OT sounds.


  3. I thought it was one entry per person? I see multiple people with multiple submissions, and not just errors of posting the same thing twice. Is that fair? Is the contest still open?


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