Crosby’s Puck Heads to Hall of Fame

The gold-medal puck had been on quite a journey since it landed Team Canada the top prize at the 2010 Winter Olympics, but it’s finally headed to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

The puck Crosby put past American goalie Ryan Miller went missing after the gold medal game and somehow found its way to the International Ice Hockey Federation offices in Switzerland. Officials apparently couldn’t determine who should get the puck at the end of the game and, in the resulting celebration, simply held on to it until the decision could be made later.

“I am happy to see that the puck is going to the Hockey Hall of Fame,” Crosby said in a statement Tuesday. “I feel very lucky to have been part of that team and that game as well, and I am glad hockey fans will get the chance to share the moment by seeing things like the overtime winning puck up close.”

Crosby’s stick and glove had also gone missing after the game, but Hockey Canada was able to locate it. The equipment was simply misplaced.

The equipment and the puck should probably both go into the Hockey Hall of Fame as soon as possible, if for no other reason than for safe-keeping.

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2 thoughts on “Crosby’s Puck Heads to Hall of Fame

  1. Well Henry Kissenger, I mean Ervin, I mean Farhan Lalji…

    I’m assuming the linesman who plucked it out of the net and was confused as to where the puck should go is certain that the puck is the game-winning puck. Like ashes in an urn, the rest of us just have to keep the faith that it’s actually true.


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