Flames Still In Playoff Hunt

Calgary Flames fans are certainly being tested as of late with a number of close calls and near-misses from their beloved hockey club. The Flames have seen their playoff hopes fade only to rise again, so Wednesday night’s victory against the Phoenix Coyotes isn’t all that surprising.

But the win does put the Flames into the playoff picture again, as the team was facing elimination going into the contest.

With the win, Calgary pulls within two points of the Colorado Avalanche. The Avs did the Flames a favour by dropping one against the Ducks on Wednesday night, but the Flames will need to do their part by putting together a win when they face Colorado in a huge game on Friday night.

“It’s going to be the biggest game of the year,” said Flames forward Rene Bourque. “They’ve been struggling so they’re definitely going to be ready for us, but we’ve played well there this year. This is the time of the year everyone wants to play hockey and this is when the best players have to be your best players.”

Even with the recent rash of victories, Calgary is a team in trouble. Many think that there should be a change in general philosophy with the Flames and are pointing to a lack of key players and genuine stars, while others believe the team is just a few quick steps away from turning it around. Still others, like THN’s Brian Costello, believe it’s time for the Flames to end the Sutter era.

Playing the blame game is easy at this point and time, but there’s an awful lot at stake here for the Flames and it could amount to more than a playoff berth being on the line. The remaining games are crucial, that’s for sure, and a loss to Colorado could mean much more than just a missed post-season opportunity.

Posted by Jordan Richardson.


2 thoughts on “Flames Still In Playoff Hunt

  1. Mikael Backlund fan April 1, 2010 — 8:15 pm

    The Flames are close to being a great team. Hopefully Mikael Backlund will get a full season in the NHL next year. He may be the number one playmaking centre that they need. If the Flames don’t feel he is up to it they will just have to get one another way. That position needs to be filled and it is big pink elephant in the room.

    Whether the Sutters should be back next year should depend on them getting at least past the first round of the playoffs. Anything less is not going to be enough.

    If the Flames don’t get past the first round and the Sutters are back, I will think of them as the Maple Leafs of Western Canada.


  2. Jordan Richardson April 2, 2010 — 12:23 am

    It really makes it easier and lessens the risk of your comment getting lost in the spam filter if you just pick a login name and stick with it.

    Anyways, I don’t know that Backlund is an NHL calibre top guy right now. Saying he could be the number one centre is lofty praise and I’d love to have similar confidence in the player, but it’s just not there. The Flames need a pivot with experience, I think, so that they can feed Iginla the puck properly and clear space in the lanes. Without a driving forward that knows the NHL game, they’re destined to flounder around 8th-10th place for a while. I don’t think they are close to being a “great team” at all.

    Plus they traded away their best defenceman and a guy who could arguably lead the franchise down the road into the long haul.

    I think they already are the Leafs of the West, too. Now all they need to do is dig Mats Sundin out of retirement and offer him a Vancouver-style contract for half a year of sloppy, bland hockey. Go Flames go!


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