Jarome Iginla: “It’s Not Enough”

Jarome Iginla has taken the blame for the Flames’ lack of goal-scoring and admits he has struggled through this current NHL season. With Calgary in the bottom three of NHL teams in terms of scoring production, Iginla told the press on Tuesday that he hadn’t been doing enough to help change that.

“I’m going to be around 70 points. It’s not enough,” he said. “We’ve had a lot of trouble scoring goals. That’s been my job and my role.”

Iginla’s slump has been reflective of a lot of post-Olympic slumps. In fact, Iggy’s only scored five goals in the last 17 games since he helped Sidney Crosby score the gold-medal winner back at the end of February.

Iginla admitted to being in a “rut” and said that he needed to dig himself out of it.

His Flames are still in the hunt for a playoff spot and will have to make sure they put in a solid effort against the San Jose Sharks Tuesday night. They’ll also want the Canucks to do them a favour by defeating the Avalanche. Colorado looks to be Calgary’s biggest competition and biggest threat at this point and time.

Iginla knows what he needs to do, but the blame hardly lies on his shoulders alone. The entire Flames roster has been underachieving this year and their lack of a solid top-line centreman is finally catching up to them, I think. It’s time to reshuffle the deck in Calgary and to put together a team that doesn’t merely resemble old parts from the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Posted by Jordan Richardson.


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