Senators Stayin’ Alive

Matt Carkner is the hero in Ottawa, at least for tonight, as his goal in the third overtime of Thursday’s game kept the Senators alive in their playoff series against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The goal forced a sixth game in the Eastern Conference series and gave the Senators some much-needed confidence, marking the longest game in Senators franchise history in the process and second longest in the history of Pittsburgh’s Mellon Arena.

“Three overtimes and we knew it wasn’t going to be a pretty goal,” Carkner said. “I think it deflected off someone – I didn’t even know how it went in – but it’s just a great feeling right now.”

The name of the game for the Senators is toughness, with guys like Carkner and Chris Neil making statements all over the ice. They may be considered underdogs against the Penguins, but the team is proving that they’re capable of giving the defending champs something to worry about.

In forcing a sixth game, the Senators get to return to Ottawa and get to take on the Penguins on their home turf. It’ll be a difficult matchup, to be sure, but the crowd will be off the chain and the Senators will be pushing harder than perhaps ever before.

“There’s a lot of belief and trust in this room,” said the Senators’ Matt Cullen. “We maintain a positive attitude and good feeling in here that we’re still in it.”

Head coach Cory Clouston deserves a lot of the credit right now, as his resolve and belief in his team has kept the energy good in the room. He was tasked with repairing a lot of reputations this season and managed to make something work out of a situation many thought impossible. Now the Senators look renewed and ready to rock, so Clouston deserves more than a few rounds of applause.

But the series isn’t over and the Senators still have an uphill climb. Regardless of the belief in the room and the team, it’s hard to battle back. They may have earned themselves a stay of execution for the time being, but Ottawa will really have to continue to grind the Penguins down if they hope to win the series.

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2 thoughts on “Senators Stayin’ Alive

  1. Maybe this will go 7
    The Senators will do everything to avoid losing it all on home ice
    and they might just pull it off
    The Momentum is on their side, but lets face it
    If there is a game seven I just can’t see the Penguins choking like that
    They too will not lose it on home ice in game 7, They are supposed to be the defending champs losing too Ottawa can not be on the menu

    Hockey is a funny game, just when you think a team is all but left for the dying, they come back and surprise everyone including themselves and start winning some games.
    With that in mind I think it is safe to say anything could happen in these playoffs
    Because in this case I really think the Penguins would finish off Ottawa really fast.
    And like many other people I was wrong


  2. 2 weeks before the playoffs started I kept praying we wouldn’t have to play Pittsburgh, I was at the last 2 home games of the playoffs when Pittsburgh swept them 2 years ago and it was painful to watch. Now this year all of our big signings get injured, Kovalev, Michalek, Kuba, I thought we wouldn’t stand a chance but they have shown a lot of character this series and unbelievable effort, everyone is putting up points its not the same 1 line team it was a couple years ago, they are well balanced and after that triple overtime they showed a lot of heart and really proved to everyone that they might just have what it takes to pull off a series upset against the defending champs. LeClaire was outstanding, especially for not having played in a while so I hope he keeps it up and we’ll just have to wait and watch what happens. If Ottawa does win this series it’ll be something for the books for sure!!! GO SENS GO!! I believe! haha


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