Flyers Eliminate Devils, Prep for Next Round

The Philadelphia Flyers have surprised a fair number of people by knocking off the New Jersey Devils and becoming the first team in the post-season to advance in the playoffs.

It took a shootout victory against the New York Rangers to get them in, but once they were in the post-season the Flyers made a serious run for it and took out the Devils in five games. In a series that exemplified the heart of the Flyers team, both Jeff Carter and Simon Gagne broke their right foot blocking shots in Game 4 and Ian Laperriere needed 60-70 stitches to close a cut he suffered after, you guessed it, blocking a shot.

Team toughness was certainly big for the Flyers, so it’s a good thing they’ve got some time to rest up and prepare for the next round.

It’s no secret that the team had a rough go of it in the regular season. Hopes were high with the acquisition of Chris Pronger and even Ray Emery was brought aboard with some confidence, but injuries and underachieving play quickly became the story in Philly and coach John Stevens found himself out on his can. Peter Laviolette took over the post and things seemed to turn around slowly.

Injuries are still a problem, as Emery’s been out and so has Michael Leighton. It was up to Brian Boucher to step it up against Martin Brodeur and he wound up winning the goaltending duel. Allowing eight goals in the series and finishing with a .940 save percentage, Boucher certainly proved he was up to the task.

With a little bit of time to heal and review tape, the Flyers will be ready for the next round. They won’t have Carter or Gagne in the lineup and that’ll hurt, but other players have been stepping it up in the meantime. Being the last team to qualify and the first team to advance has got to feel good.

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One thought on “Flyers Eliminate Devils, Prep for Next Round

  1. To be honest as a massive Flyer fan I really wasn’t sure what the Flyers could do against a team like the Devils
    KOvalchuk, Parise and Broduer , those are some pretty talented dudes,
    But during the regular season Philly had there way with Jersey, and they were coming off the emotional high after that shoot out win over the Rangers.
    Also Philly has been through a lot of adversity all year, to die so fast just didn’t seem right
    So for sure I believed they would put up a solid fight
    But win in 5? Never in a million years
    I doubt anyone else in the hockey world thought Philly would win that fast either
    But they did
    Now most likely they will Face the Capitals
    Not many will give them a chance in that series either especially with out the services of Gagne and Carter.

    In no particular order here are keys to Philly winning against a Scoring Machine like Washington.
    The Defense of Philly has been amazing and will obviously need to be that way once again for the whole series.
    Guys like Mike Richards, Claude Giroux, and Dany Briere need to be the offensive leaders and need to make things very miserable for the Capitals rearguards.
    Of course the other guys like Hartnall, Carcillo, Betts, Lapierre
    they will have to continue fill there role as well and push them even further
    But if the Flyers are too have any chance against the Capitals
    there best player has to be Brian Boucher as he was the Jersey series.
    If the whole Philadelphia Flyer hockey team can play relentless with passion and do what ever takes things could get interesting. You never know Like Kovalchuck Oven Chicken takes a lot of stupid penalty’s His game may get thrown off, and it could have a great effect on the out come of the series.
    You never know really, I say Philly will definitely compete but win the series it could happen but one game at a time as It will be a grueling battle that is for sure.


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