Flyers Tie Series

The Philadelphia Flyers potted three first period goals and looked like they were going to rout the Chicago Blackhawks on Saturday night, but the young Hawks mounted a bit of a comeback to pull the game close. Still, the Flyers pulled off a 5-3 victory and evened the series.

Mike Richards, Matt Carle, and series hero Claude Giroux all had goals in the first frame and Villie Leino added another one as the Flyers headed into the final period with a 4-1 lead. It took a late surge from the Blackhawks to get close, though, as Dave Bolland and Brian Campbell cut the deficit to just one goal.

After Jeff Carter popped in an empty netter, however, it was all over and the Blackhawks watched their series lead disappear before a rowdy Philly crowd.

So far the home team has won all four games in the series and, if that holds, the situation still favours the boys from Chicago. Unfortunately for the Blackhawks, their top players have been rendered all but useless thanks to tight checking and some mind games from the Philly defence. Led by Chris Pronger, the Flyers’ defenders have been containing and controlling Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane like no other team’s been able to do this post-season.

The series has been filled with goals aplenty thus far, but the big guns have been mostly left out of the race. Richards didn’t score until Friday night, for instance, and the Blackhawks have been working hard to contain Philly’s other vital players.

It’s hard to say that either team has momentum going into Chicago on Sunday. With the Flyers and Blackhawks trading goals like this, the series has been more about the last team to score than it has the first to get and hold a lead. The goaltenders, Michael Leighton and Antti Niemi, appear almost out of gas going into these games.

In any event, it truly is anyone’s series now. As things swing back to Chicago for Sunday’s contest, both the Flyers and Blackhawks are hoping for a little of that playoff magic.

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2 thoughts on “Flyers Tie Series

  1. Interesting series of events
    I was getting sick of the Chicago in 5 crap
    How can anyone sit there and act as if Philly did not beat Jersey in 5, comeback 3 down and beat Boston as they did, and then polished off the red and blue smurfs in 5
    I have never heard so many empty statements before
    It is clear in these playoffs The Hawks are the darlings of the NHL

    As for The game it was mostly dominated by the Flyers
    Until The Referee decides to call a penalty on Hartnall for something both teams have done all series Chirpping. Then Coburn gets pegged for holding
    What ever I must say The referee showed great timing in the 3rd peiod
    I wonder If they noticed Sharp and Burrish trash talking Leighten in game one when he was pulled?
    Chicago is too good to miss the opportunity of being up 2 extra man.
    The other two goals went off philly players so I don’t think there should too much concern for the Flyers.
    They scored 5 goals and made Antti look rather regular.
    They keep blasting shots from the point and are starting to make him dizzy.
    Byfuglin has not got the better off pronger like the Hawks hoped, nor has The big guns Toews, Kane, and Hossa been able to dominate.
    Because Keith has been so good for this series he has made the games so close

    Never the less it is up to Philly to to get that first win in Chicago
    They should be able to do it, if they continue to play the same way
    I think the hawks inexperience on the premier players is starting to show
    But I won’t count out the Hawks until it is all said and done
    They are a good team, I just think philly is a touch better.


  2. Yeah, Byfuglien’s been pretty much a non-issue in this series. He, along with the other Hawks, have been unable to get the Flyers into as much mental trouble. The same games that worked on the Sharks and Canucks aren’t working against the Flyers and that might be the difference maker in this series.


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