Blackhawks Finally Show Up, Snag Game 5

With Chris Pronger off his game, the Chicago Blackhawks were able to finally come out to play in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

It wasn’t apparent as to what was bothering Pronger, but his coverage on Chicago’s key players just wasn’t up to par like it was in the series’ first four contests. The surly defender was a minus-5 in the Blackhawks’ 7-4 victory and found himself on the ice for six of his opponents’ goals. Pronger was in the sin bin for the other one.

It looked like Chicago coach Joel Quenneville’s decision to split up his big guns paid off, too. Six different Blackhawks popped in goals in the game and Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews and Dustin Byfuglien remained too much for Pronger to neutralize on his own. With more space and time, big Byfuglien was able to net two goals. Kane had one and an assist.

In any event, it looks as though the Blackhawks are back on track. They even managed to get under the skin of the Flyers a little, showing some of that antagonism that they were able to brew up against San Jose and Vancouver.

Flyers’ keeper Michael Leighton was pulled for the second time in the series and Brian Boucher took over the job. In allowing three goals in 13 shots, Leighton has to be at least a bit of a question mark for Flyers fans. He did take a puck off the knee in the pre-game skate, however, and that may have contributed to his less-than-stellar performance.

With the Blackhawks clicking for the first time in the series, the Flyers will have to hope that their 9-1 home record in these playoffs holds up the standard as things swing back to Philly.

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One thought on “Blackhawks Finally Show Up, Snag Game 5

  1. Ya when the leader blew a flat tire the bus he was driving was never going to get it going.
    I guess he is human after all, Pronger was just not himself
    Even the best have off games, but the best always find ways to make amends
    I imagine philly will provide a response for game six.
    Having home ice will work in their favor I do think they will come out with the series tied.
    But is there play in the windy city that concerns me.
    A couple of questions??????????????

    Is it it time for Carcillo?
    Who can philly take out of their line up ” Why not dress 5 defence man as there is no question energy of the “Carbomb” may be undervalued ecspecially against the Hawks.
    Guys like Eager, Byfuglin, Bolland, Kopecky, vertseeg, Burrish, Sharp, and a couple of other guys really can be a pain in the ass.
    Carcillo, steals that thunder
    Leighton or Boucher?
    Leighton He turned around the regular season and he will do all he can to make that possible in the playoffs.
    Never like to blame officiating both teams usually get good and bad calls that go there way and against them.
    But watching this game I felt like Calls that needed to be called were not ones that may have changed the outcome.
    It was pretty clear Chicago was the better team but what if The Referees called the high stick on keith when he gouged Briere?
    Philly was only 2 goals back? that is a four minute minor
    Then how about Brent Sopel closing his hand on the puck in the crease
    That is supposed to be a penalty shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They keep missing these plays, there were others but none as crucial as these
    Of course Chicago has been ripped off too, but Philly seems to get it when it matters the most.
    I don’t understand officiating is and has been very suspect for a while?
    The NHL can’t allow this to continue

    So who will win it all, it is hard not to say the hawks at this point, they are so good at home with that last change and that energy from their crowd that they feed off.
    But being a die hard flyer fan I know I can’t give up on them, I know the orange and black will not die that easy.
    I still believe
    However, they do need to stay out of that box if they want any chance
    you can only hold guys like Kane off for so long

    I anticipate line changes on Philly and Richards to break through, he always does.
    When he is needed the most
    Maybe someone gets into a scrap and changes it all up
    There is that extra day to prepare both teams know it is a dog fight
    There was an interesting perspective taking by Pronger
    When he was asked what do u see after game 4
    Guys like kane, and Toews looked really really frustrated,
    as they were but Pronger “said the minute you think you got it all figured out and you now got that edge ” That’s the time when you will be humbled ”
    I wonder if the Boys from Chicago can understand that?
    If Philly can stay alive in game six and force that elusive game 7
    I think the Flyers will be ready and will not play run and gun with the Hawks
    If so It will be Richards Hoisting that cup,

    I have said it before just when it is thought is left for the dead, they revive themselves with new life.
    Why would it come to an end now?


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