Chicago Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup

The Chicago Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup.

The game-winning goal came in overtime and wasn’t greeted by a red light or significant fanfare, but the image of Patrick Kane celebrating and tossing off his equipment was good enough for the young Blackhawks club.

The goal was briefly reviewed and then it was official: the Blackhawks had defeated the Philadelphia Flyers and won the Cup. While the crowd stood stunned and many of the Flyers stood around confused, the Blackhawks team piled on each other in celebration around goalie Antti Niemi. It turned out that the puck was actually lodged in the net where Kane put it when he scored the history-making winner.

The Cup win for the Blackhawks ends the longest drought in NHL history, as Chicago hasn’t won the top prize since 1961. An Original Six franchise, the Blackhawks wrap up their most successful season since the days of Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita.

Jonathan Toews picked up the Conn Smythe Trophy much to the chagrin of the Philly faithful, who commenced with the traditional booing of Gary Bettman and let it ride through the presentation to Toews. Even so, the 22-year-old deserved his moment and goes down as a member of the Triple Gold Club with a gold medal at the IIHF World’s in 2007, an Olympic gold medal in Vancouver in 2010, and now a Cup victory. He’s the seventh Canadian in the Club.

The game was close throughout and it often looked as though the Flyers were carrying the momentum, turning in a tight physical performance that had the young Blackhawks on their heels frequently. In the end, though, it was not to be and the Hawks took the series in six games.

Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks and the Philadelphia Flyers on a great Finals.

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2 thoughts on “Chicago Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup

  1. I can’t believe what I saw Philly forced overtime, and then they were all over the Hawks in OT and then it was over in a blink of an eye.
    Leighten let a goal in from an impossible angle, A horrible way to lose the cup.
    He let one too many softies in during the series ( 2 in this game ), I give credit to the hawks they made it happen They forced the flyers. Philly was just unable too protect Leighten. Also the Hawks Grinders like Bolland did an excellent job at shutting down the Richards and Carter line.
    But when I think of it I think Philly just ran out of gas, Boston took everything from them physically and Chicago for the most part were a step ahead.
    And when Chicago walked into the series they were more rested than Philly
    For the Flyers it proved to be a recipe for disaster.
    And for the snipers of Chicago they will held back but still did the damage when it was needed. And Keith & Seabrook these too ( well I don’t remember seeing a pair of rearguards so good in such a long time.
    What does Philly do Now?
    Now they got to get a goalie, it is clear what they had was not enough.
    Why not trade Gagne to Montreal for a D-man and Carey Price.
    I think Price would push the team over the edge.
    And what I am hoping is that, this is a duplicate of the Wings and Penguins series
    The first year it was the Wings the second the Penguins
    Maybe Philly will win next year vs the Hawks.
    Who Knows?
    I just know this one hurts, I really thought the Flyers would pull off another upset and win the cup.


  2. I am surprised no one is taking a shot at me
    I stood by the flyers time after time now I am now an easy target
    Yet I guess everyone has their hands off the trigger for now


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