Leafs Naming Phaneuf Captain?

Sources say that the Toronto Maple Leafs will be naming defenceman Dion Phaneuf as their captain. He’ll be the club’s 17th captain and will be unveiled as the team’s leader sometime next week.

Word around the campfire is that the team will be holding a press conference on Monday where they’ll not only make that announcement but unveil a brand new Maple Leafs sweater.

The team has cycled through alternate captains ever since Mats Sundin didn’t sign with the team again in 2007-2008. Alternate captains last season included Tomas Kaberle, Mike Komisarek, Francois Beauchemin, and Phaneuf, the latter of whom will be entering his sixth season in the National Hockey League.

This will put a lot of pressure on Phaneuf, as being captain is a more than difficult job in and of itself. Being captain in Toronto, however, is a completely different ballgame and he’ll have to be ready for the additional spotlight that will be shone on him. It’ll be a big test, but Brian Burke is doubtlessly confident that his player can do it.

With the possible news that Kaberle could be on his way out (and possibly heading to New Jersey), the news of Phaneuf’s captaincy makes it clear as to who the top blueliner on the team is.

Posted by Jordan Richardson.

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One thought on “Leafs Naming Phaneuf Captain?

  1. Well why not name him the captain.
    There is no way in Calgary Phaneuf could ever be captain accept if Iginla left
    Because Phaneuf is a leader, a solid defenceman and someone needs to be the face of the leafs
    Since Sundin there has not been that face and it has been an issue.
    I would be lucky if I could name 5 leafs since Sundin left ( I am exaggerating a bit because I watch lots of hockey Even still if I knew the names I could tell you very little about the the players )
    Not too good, because for the most part of the last 36 years I have called Toronto my home. I remember more about the players on the Leaf’s roster during the 1980’s than I do now.


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