Nabokov Heading to Philly?

According to, former San Jose Sharks goalie Evgeni Nabokov could be sporting a Flyers jersey soon. is reporting that the Flyers have reached a verbal agreement for the signing rights to Nabokov, sending the Sharks a seventh round pick in the 2011 draft if they can sign the goaltender prior to July 1.

Nabokov is set to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

According to TSN, Nabokov has told the Flyers that he would rather test the market first and head into free agency on July 1. It’s possible, too, that he’ll have more than his fair share of KHL options.

Sharks GM Doug Wilson wouldn’t confirm any deal to sign Nabokov, but he did tell that there were a few issues around the negotiating process that could take some time to sort out.

Flyers GM Paul Holmgren was similarly quiet about the issue, stating only that Nabokov was a “good goalie” before adding that he thought the Russian would test free agency waters on July 1.

So even with the rumblings of the former Sharks goalie heading to Philly, it’s hard to nail down anything concrete. It seems that there is a conditional handshake deal and that the Flyers might be looking to sign him seriously, but the ultimate location of Nabokov’s 2010-2011 season is far from determined.

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2 thoughts on “Nabokov Heading to Philly?

  1. Well obviously Nabby would be an upgrade considering who they currently have in net but he is 35.
    Philly does have some investment on the young Swedish net minder Backlund, so you would think they could groom him for a while and get a 2 year commitment from Nabby
    That would do the trick maybe?.
    I don’t know but having a guy who is yet to do anything in the playoffs is risky.
    I say Turco is a better option, I think Turco would want less and give more.
    I can’t blame Nabakov for the failure of the Sharks, but the word is he Just doesn’t have the knack for making big saves when they are needed, nor does he keep himself together when the roof starts to cave in.
    Very Important things to have on your team, a guy who may not be the best with the numbers but seems to be there when most needed.
    To sign Nabakov will take a lot of money.
    Why not talk to the Kings & offer Jeff Carter for Dustin Brown and Jonathon Quick
    That’s a rumor, but I like that deal a lot more
    I think Holmgren needs to focus on chemistry as well, who is going to be the guy that is the big question.
    In the end I hope the Flyers have at least one change that would need to be Leighton, they have already signed Boucher.
    I can’t see Leighten being the guy for a full season, he can’t keep it together and he too is unproven.


  2. Ok I Take it back
    I looked at Turco’s Numbers both in the regular season and playoffs
    I would rather have Nabby 100%
    Well Philly has already obtained the rights
    Now can they sign the disgruntled goalie?


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