Gagne Agrees to Waive No-Trade Clause

With the Los Angeles Kings recently saying that they won’t be working out a deal for Ilya Kovalchuk, a new possibility for a talented forward looms on the horizon. That’s right, kids, I’m talking about the Flyers’ Simon Gagne.

Gagne has agreed to waive his no-trade clause with the club and, even with no deal imminent according to, there are some possibilities to consider.

For starters, the ridiculous rumours about trades between the Flyers and Kings to make room for Kovalchuk have got to be put out to pasture once and for all. Message boards lit up after someone put words in TSN’s Dan Dreger’s mouth, announcing reportedly that the Kings were going to send Anze Kopitar, winger and captain Dustin Brown, solid defenseman Jack Johnson, and starting goaltender Jonathan Quick to the Flyers for Gagne and Jeff Carter to “make room” for Kovy.

Stop laughing.

Once Dreger was able to tweet his stunned surprise that someone would even assume such a ridiculous trade in the first place, things got down to brass tacks. What did emerge was that Gagne actually has waived his no-trade and that he probably won’t be back in Philly when the new season gets underway.

And the Kings do deserve to be thought of as in the mix, especially with the news that they won’t be able to give Kovalchuk what he wants. So Gagne becomes a nice fit in Los Angeles.

But with a year left on his contract, there’s plenty of time for a deal to be made if that’s to be in the cards. You have to think that the Flyers could really go either way here. On the one hand, Gagne’s concussion history and groin injuries don’t bode well and his cap hit of $5.25 million could certainly factor in to making him an attractive player to move.

On the other hand, besides Mike Richards, Simon Gagne could be considered the “face of the franchise” in Philadelphia and his loss would be a big one for fans. As one of the last remaining fixtures of the popular Lindros era, it’s tough to imagine the club without him.

Stranger things have happened, however, and anything’s possible in the wheeling and dealing of the NHL’s hot summer. The only certainty at this point is that Gagne’s waived his no-trade clause. Everything else is speculation, sure, but speculation can be a whole lot of fun.

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One thought on “Gagne Agrees to Waive No-Trade Clause

  1. Simon Gagne no longer a Flyer
    Hard to believe
    That’s the same guy who scored the winning goal in game 4 vs the Bruins
    to start the Miracle come from behind series victory.
    Well the truth is he has been one of the most classiest guys in the Business
    But certainly his health has not been on his side
    He does have a steep price tag, but he is a leader and could help a young team get their wings.
    Time for a career year and then he could land a hefty raise
    secure his future.
    All in all,
    I don’t know where he will end up, I just hope that was no bad blood between Holmgren and Gagne.
    Maybe he was miffed when Paul Holmgren asked him to consider waiving the no trade clause.
    It would be a business move and one that would help the flyers itch even closer to lord Stanley.
    I like the idea of a solid back up goalie coming to philly.
    And also the extra cash to sign free agents, like Daniel Carcillo and Darrol Powe
    The plot Thickens, in Flyer Country,
    The best thing is it keeps getting better!


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