Kovalchuk Saga Continues: Separating Myth from Reality

The world of hockey journalism has been going haywire – okay, so more haywire than normal – with the Ilya Kovalchuk saga. Sources have pieced together just about every deal known to man, with Kovalchuk heading to nearly every possible NHL team for anywhere from 1-17 years and for a cash value of anywhere from $3.39 to $100 million.

The heights of ridiculousness towering over this situation surprise me in some ways because it makes me wonder if there are any more responsible hockey writers out there. Or do these “writers” simply crank it out for the sake of it?

Consider the fact that much of the latest round of Kovalchuk publicity was built out of a NY Post “story” that he was being offered a 17-year deal to stay with the Devils in New Jersey. 17 years! That would be the longest in NHL history if there were any truth to it, but the NY Post is far from a reputable source when it comes to news – let alone something as important as hockey news.

Yet with the hype from this alleged 17-year deal with the Devils, a litany of “letters to Kovy” and other vitriolic pieces of “writing” emerged from the internet fueled by the ludicrous idea that Lou Lamoriello would somehow take leave of his faculties and sign such a deal. Now sure, my face will be red if this deal ACTUALLY does take place. But please. Come on.

The fact of the matter is that there’s very little actual news to report on the Kovalchuk front besides the rumours. But we here at HockeyDraft.ca prefer poking fun at the rumours rather than supporting them with mindless screeds asserting our ignorance. And between you, me and the lamp post, there’s a lot of ignorance out there in the hockey world. Hell, Don Cherry still has actual fans. No, really.

Just in case you thought that Lamoriello might actually consider dishing Kovy a 17-year deal that would keep the little bugger in Jersey until the ripe age of 44, consider the facts. First, Lou hasn’t been able to move Brian Rolston or anyone else. This means that cap space is at a premium. Second, consider the REAL offer that we know the Devils made to Kovalchuk. It was worth $60 million and was for seven years. Do you really think Lou’s the type to suddenly jack up the length by another freakin’ decade?

In all probability, the Devils are either out of the running for Kovy or they’ve got a fairly reasonable offer on the table. If the Devils are out, they join the Kings are formerly interested teams no longer willing to give up what it takes to keep the boy happy.

At this point, it looks like Kovalchuk isn’t willing to sign with a team that won’t offer him buckets and buckets of money. And the Kings and Devils simply aren’t prepared to part with that much, so Ilya may be looking at the KHL as his best option for lining his pockets. Many are saying that he shouldn’t let the door hit him in the ass on the way out and I agree. There isn’t enough money in the world to buy this guy, it seems, and nobody’s worth the humiliation of clearing out a roster just for disappointment’s sake.

Posted by Jordan Richardson.

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3 thoughts on “Kovalchuk Saga Continues: Separating Myth from Reality

  1. Did you heard something about the Islanders Offers (10/100M $) ?
    If this offers was true, this is the only team that can sign Kovalchuck…


  2. gee. don’t want to think “writers” are cranking it out for the sake of it, more the NEED for it to create material. and, i “wouldn’t”[ha] like to think it was for job justification !


  3. Dan, the Islanders looked like a real possibility for a while but I haven’t been hearing much out of them lately. I’m not sure about the specifics of what they were offering, but they were a team that had to spend up to make the cap. They could still be in the market for Kovalchuk and I could see him signing there, especially because he doesn’t seem to care too much about winning.


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