Darryl Sydor Retires

After 18 seasons in the National Hockey League, defenceman Darryl Sydor has announced his retirement. At 38, Sydor looks back on a career that saw him play in 1,291 games with Los Angeles, Columbus, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Dallas, and St. Louis. He finished his career with 98 goals and 409 assists.

Sydor wasn’t an offensively-minded defenceman, but his contributions were certainly felt by any team fortunate enough to have him in their roster. He brought a lot of heart with him everywhere he went.

Sydor won a Stanley Cup in 1999 as a member of the Stars in Dallas and added another one with Tampa Bay five years later. He spent the majority of his career with the Stars, piling up nine years as a key component on a team that managed considerable success.

Sydor is an Edmonton native and is likely to take on a front office position somewhere. Along with Richard Matvichuk, his Cup win brought a lot of pride to the Alberta city even as the Dallas/Edmonton playoff rivalries built over the years.

Most of all, however, Sydor will be remembered for his level of professionalism. A classy player through and through, he may well represent part of a dying era in pro sports. He may not be Hall-bound in the near future, but he certainly deserves to be mentioned with the utmost respect. A master of the intangibles, Sydor will be remembered for his guts more than anything.

Posted by Jordan Richardson.

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One thought on “Darryl Sydor Retires

  1. Darryl Sydor
    One of those guys, I remember as a solid, salt of the earth type.
    Never seemed to get himself in squabbles with teammates or management
    Played a superior defensive style, was a good skater, had incredible hockey smarts
    As you say he had guts
    2 cups
    I know both Dallas and especially would have had trouble winning the cup without him
    Why because he complimented the best defencemen allowed them to freely play their game
    Hall of fame
    I would love to see him recognized, but for the most part defensive gems are not giving that respect they deserve.
    How many D man play 18 Years?
    The Hall of fame needs guys like him but I will be surprised if it takes place.


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