Will Donald Fehr Be the New NHLPA Executive Director?

Action has certainly slowed down on the free agent front over the last couple of days and news has been hard to come by. Still, the selection of a new NHLPA executive director is worthy of note and Donald Fehr could be the next one if the players have their way.

TSN is reporting that players like Robyn Regehr and Steve Montador like Fehr for the post.

Fehr used to be the executive director of the Major League Baseball Player’s Association. He currently serves the NHLPA in some sort of advisory capacity. The idea is for the players to have a new executive director in the post by the start of training camp.

Part of the problem here is that a number of so-called structures hold up the process of selecting the new guy. It appears that Fehr could be hired on to work on the new collective bargaining agreement while his replacement would be “learning on the job” simultaneously. With the CBA expiring in September of 2012, the replacement would then take over where Fehr left off once the new arrangements were in place.

As you can see, the convoluted process almost inevitably suggests the temporary nature of a new executive director. The NHLPA has been a fragmented organization for long enough and it seems that a lot of the damage is due to faulty structure.

Nevertheless, it is what it is. Nobody has really made any confirmations either way regarding Fehr as a new executive director. The decision is still pending.

In other NHLPA business, there was a new constitution up on the table that will have to be ratified by two-thirds of players before its implementation. No word yet on whether anything in it helps streamline the chaotic processes of the PA, but we can dream.

Posted by Jordan Richardson.

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