Surprise, Salo’s Injured!

Sami Salo probably has the worst luck of any NHL player. According to a Finnish website, the 35-year-old suffered a “serious injury” while training. Some reports are suggesting that Salo suffered the serious injury playing floor hockey.

The Canucks organization confirmed the injury in a release yesterday, saying “”Sami Salo suffered an Achilles tear while training and is out indefinitely pending further evaluation. There will be no further comment from the club or Salo at this time.”


TSN did a rough count and figured out that Salo has probably suffered some 35 injuries that cost him around 200 games during his NHL career. That’s an 11 year NHL career, keep in mind.

Things are so bad for Salo that a popular myth (heck, it could be true) has him being bit by a snake while on a golf course in Finland. Then there was the actual, true ass sprain – or more technically the time he tore his gluteus medius muscle. And the ruptured testicle c/o Duncan Keith during the fifth game of Vancouver’s playoff series with the Blackhawks. Ouch.

Not for nothing, but the injury could do the team a favour in terms of the salary cap. They’re over it right now and if Salo’s injury lasts well into the season, they could save some dollars. That could have Kevin Bieksa breathing a sigh of relief. The final year of Salo’s contract, that’s this year, will pay the Finnish Injury Machine $3.5 million.


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6 thoughts on “Surprise, Salo’s Injured!

  1. Sami salo
    The house of noodles,
    Seeing how he is a 35/35 man
    35 years old with 35 injuries he may want to consider he may calling it quits
    What else is his option?
    He probably is a decent man, but his injuries hold his team hostage.


  2. Salo is a decent guy. He has a good locker room presence, but I think he’s a liability on the ice because he just has rotten luck. It’s not that he’s careless or even fragile, as the guy can throw a hit and make solid plays. His injuries, more often than not, are like funny horror stories.


  3. I think Salo’s got that one. Lindros may have been the concussion king, but Salo can always say “ruptured testicle.”


  4. yes your right
    I just remember that weird injury where he had a ruptured blood vessel in his lungs
    I would have died had he took the plane
    he would have exploded
    i thought that one was weird


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