Clock Keeps Ticking for Kaberle

The Toronto Maple Leafs have until August 15 to figure out what to do with Tomas Kaberle. At that date, the defenceman’s no-trade kicks back in and it becomes a whole lot more complicated to move him – if that’s part of the plan.

Kaberle says he wants to remain a Leaf and that may have some say in how things roll out.

Now there have been a number of rumours about the Kaberle situation. There have been as many as ten NHL teams “interested” in his services, but whether any of those pan out remains to be seen. The certainty here is that Brian Burke won’t just give his player away, so the offers are going to have to be good to be entertained by the Irishman.

On Monday the 19th, Burke was heading off for his annual fishing trip and offered little about Kaberle’s situation. He did mention that at least six teams were interested in his player before adding “We’re still in a holding pattern.”

Kaberle is heading into the final year of his contract with the Leafs. With a value of $4.25 million, he’d be a considerable salary for someone to take on. On the other hand, Burke has said that he wants a top line forward for his player and that should even things out on the salary front. Options like Marc Savard, who apparently wants out of Boston, and Ryan Malone are possibilities, but Burke wasn’t saying anything about them.

The contract and trade front has been relatively quiet over the last few days, with teams stacking up on smaller players and dealing with arbitration, but something significant could be coming up the road in Toronto. Leafs fans are hoping for the best, but thus far it’s been a summer of missed opportunities.

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