The first overall pick of the Edmonton Oilers is focused on making the roster of his NHL team and, as a result, will be skipping the world champion tourney of the Canadian juniors.

Taylor Hall will miss out on junior camp in St. John’s in order to focus on making the Oilers hockey club for the upcoming season. Skipping the camp means Hall won’t be eligible to play at the tournament in Buffalo because Hockey Canada insists that all players must take part in camp in order to earn a spot on the team.

“Ideally we would have liked him to come to the summer camp to keep that option open, based on our policy. But his preparation for the upcoming season is focused on the NHL,” said Brad Pascall, Hockey Canada senior director of national men’s teams.

Hall was a key component in last year’s tournament. He notched six goals and added six assists, but the Canadians wound up losing to the Americans in the final.

Hall’s focus on the Oilers has got to excite local fans, however, and his desire to make the team should be applauded. He signed an entry-level contract with the club on July 5 and will be paid the maximum base salary of $900,000 per season. With performance bonuses in place, though, Hall could be making nearly $3 million a year right out of the box.

One has to wonder just how much Hall’s potential salary has to do with his motivation at making the big club. Waving that kind of cash in front of the kid probably made the decision to skip camp a little easier for Hall, although one has to wonder how long it’ll take for him to want to get the heck out of Edmonton…

Posted by Jordan Richardson.