Flyers, Jagr Working on a New Deal

The Philadelphia Flyers’ love affair with Jaromir Jagr will hopefully go on for at least another year.

It was, as recently as May 10, thought of as “questionable” that Jagr would return to play for the Flyers for another season. He said that he had some questions about his “role” on the club and avoided answering questions about re-signing with the team. Jagr apparently struggled with the idea of having his playoff minutes cut and having been bumped from the Claude Giroux line, although his skating was an issue due to injury.

Back in January, Jagr was insistent that he was going to work on a deal with the Flyers. Between then and May 10, things changed. And now, things appear to have changed again.

The 40-year-old wants to re-sign with the Flyers and is working on signing a new one year contract with the team. “I’ve talked to Jaromir and I have talked to Paul [Holmgren] and we hope to get something done before the draft,” Jagr’s agent Petr Svoboda said.

Many other Flyers, including Giroux, would love to see Jagr back in the fold and it looks now like that’s going to happen.

Jagr produced well for the club, too, with a 54-point contribution in 73 games the regular season. Some say that he was able to make an impact because the pressure was off and little was expected of him. He was able to fill a role and play well on a line that featured one of the best players in the regular season. Giroux benefited immensely from Jagr’s presence and was able to have a breakout year as a result.

Another thing that was impressive about Jagr this past season was his work ethic, but sometimes his training came back to bite him. In the post-season, his use of 20-pound weights while he had a thigh injury didn’t do him any favours. But he was still a motivator for his teammates, staying on the ice even on off days. It’s something he’ll have to scale back on, though.

“Jaromir hasn’t forgotten how he got criticized by the media in Pittsburgh early in his career,” Svoboda said to reporters. “He feels he needs to prove himself every day, but I agree with you, he needs to cut back in his training.”
That need to prove himself will doubtlessly haunt Jagr through another season, but he seems more than game to make it happen and that could bring good fortunes to the Flyers – if he doesn’t overdo it.

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