uspw_7071116Take this with whatever size of grain of salt you wish, but Sidney Crosby is saying that his teammate Evgeni Malkin is “feeling better.”

For those not in the know, Malkin is out of tonight’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning and is still undergoing tests after crashing into the boards on Friday night. The Pittsburgh Penguins forward and reigning league MVP is not hospitalized, but Dan Bylsma says that he is suffering an “upper body injury.”

“He’s still getting evaluated as to the extent of the hit and going into the boards hard,” Bylsma said on Saturday. “That’s an ongoing process at this point in time. He’s getting evaluated and we’re waiting to see how he feels and reacts. He obviously went into the boards pretty darn hard.”

Some reports emerged yesterday to suggest that Malkin had “severe headaches,” which lead to subsequent rumblings about concussion symptoms. He was also said to be “disoriented” at times, which has to concern fans in Pittsburgh.

There is no diagnosis in place for Malkin yet and no time-table for his return. The Penguins seem to be approaching the issue day-by-day.

The club is following NHL protocols on the matter, which means lots of testing and monitoring. It also means an incredible lack of certainty, which is what has people  buzzing about Crosby’s comments.

If anyone knows the uncertainty of concussions and concussion-related issues, it’s Sid the Kid. His comments suggest that he has at least some basic contact with Malkin, which means that Malkin is probably with the team in some capacity and not isolated from his fellow players. That, again, is theoretically good news.

So what does this all mean? Next to nothing. Malkin is out for the time being and there’s no timetable on his return. He may or may not have a concussion, but he is “feeling better.” Proceed with caution.