USATSI_7222062_154158418_lowresLos Angeles Kings forward Dustin Brown has been suspended for two games following his elbow on Minnesota Wild forward Jason Pominville. The incident took place during Tuesday’s game in Minnesota.

The suspension ends the regular season of the Kings’ captain. Los Angeles is currently fighting for fourth place in the Western Conference.

The Wild, meanwhile, have put Pominville on the day-to-day list with an upper body injury. Minnesota is looking at seventh in the Western Conference and will need all the help they can get, so losing Pominville for any period of time doesn’t exactly serve their best interests.

The incident, which you can see here, finds Brown waiting to play the puck along the boards. Pominville approaches and Brown goes to counter-hit him. Announcer initially referred to the play as a “cold shoulder” from Brown, but the King got his elbow up.

That movement is what led to the suspension, without question. Brown knew that Pominville was coming and elbowed him. Had he initiated contact without the elbow, the play would’ve been fine.

Brown, of course, told reporters after the game that he was just prepping for impact. “He was coming to hit me. I was just bracing myself,” he said.

Unfortunately, part of “bracing oneself” generally shouldn’t include raising the elbow.

Brown hasn’t been suspended before, so that probably mitigated the suspension. Pominville was also able to leave the ice on his own accord, even if he was quite shaken up, so that also helped matters from a visual standpoint.

All in all, the suspension looks to be about on target with what’s expected. Brown will give up $34,324.32 in salary to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.