NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Ottawa Senators at Pittsburgh PenguinsThe question on the lips of many Ottawa Senators fans has been answered: captain Daniel Alfredsson will be back next season.

Alfie told Swedish media on Friday that he won’t be retiring. “The playoffs felt great. No back problems…I needed a few weeks to see if the necessary urge for summer training and pre-camp was there. And it is…The chance to maybe play one more Olympics wasn’t part of my decision to continue but I’d like to, of course,” he told Svt Sport.

Alfredsson is, of course, an unrestricted free agent at the moment. He just came off a four-year deal, which was front-loaded to give him just $1 million in its last year. According to reports, negotiations have already begun on another deal with Ottawa.

“We were informed late this morning by Daniel’s agent, JP Barry, that Daniel has made a decision and is committed to play next year for the Senators,” GM Bryan Murray said Friday. “We now will begin the process of negotiating a contract, which we hope to have completed in the near future.”

“I came home to Sweden on Monday and felt I can do this one more summer,” Alfredsson said. “I feel a little excited to get going and start exercising. The body has felt good lately. I missed a game this season and that was because I had a cold. In this way it has been positive, I have been freshened and it has affected my decision.”

It is also likely that Ottawa’s good year impacted Alfredsson’s decision to stick around. He is still tremendous in the locker room and remains a quality asset for the team, especially given their complement of young players.

In the playoffs, Alfie took the team on his back and led in scoring. He has been captain of the team for 14 years already and will continue to build on his remarkable career as a leader.

Alfredsson, a six-time All-Star, has 426 goals and 682 assists in 1178 career regular season games.