Montreal Trades Briere to Colorado for Parenteau

USATSI_7928929_154158418_lowresThe Montreal Canadiens have traded Daniel Briere to the Colorado Avalanche for PA Parenteau and a fifth round draft pick for 2015.

Briere had to waive his no-trade clause in order for the Habs to strike the deal.

“An up and coming team, the chance to play for Patrick Roy, those are all very enticing,” Briere said. “Feeling wanted, when the team wants you and they need you, those are all things I’m looking forward to. Having a no-trade clause doesn’t mean you’re not going to be traded in my mind, it just means you maybe have a chance to pick or choose a little bit more your destination. When they told me it was Colorado I was right away very excited.”

Both Briere and Parenteau should profit from a change.

Briere had trouble finding a role on the Canadiens. He was used on the right side with Max Pacioretty and David Desharnais, at least at first, but changes held him down on the fourth line through the post-season. Briere made no bones about being in coach Michel Therrien’s doghouse, which likely kept him in said doghouse until the trade.

As for Parenteau, he was also moved from line to line in Colorado under Patrick Roy. He was even a healthy scratch and suffered through MCL injuries. By the time he got his feet back under him, Roy struggled to put him back in the line-up.

“It’s the first time in my career I had to go through coming back from injuries like that,” Parenteau said. “It was tough to come back from those injuries and tough to get my spot back. So there was some friction, but at the same time he’s an excellent coach that made me better over the course of the season. But I’m happy to turn the page and to move on.”

So both Briere and Parenteau will have second chances in new places. Parenteau will still obviously have to earn his spot with the Canadiens. He’s a Quebec native and is looking forward to rising to the pressure put on Francophone players in the market.

And Briere will have to impress Roy in Colorado, but he should be up to the task if the role fits. He’s 36-years-old and won’t have as much to offer offensively, but that doesn’t mean he won’t play an important part for the young Avalanche squad.

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