Boston Bruins Ink Torey Krug and Reilly Smith

USATSI_7885995_154158418_lowresThe Boston Bruins have taken care of some uncertainties with the signings of Torey Krug and Reilly Smith. The club made the announcement on Monday morning, confirming one year contracts for each player with a value of $1.4 million against the cap for each.

The Bruins have been dealing with stalemates for both players for some time now, so this clears up those issues right in time. Now head coach Claude Julien can have some stability in terms of his lineup.

Krug and Smith had missed the first 11 days of training camp as a result of these issues. Cap issues basically prevented the contracts from being at the level the Bruins would’ve liked, but general manager Peter Chiarelli says that something more significant is in the works for bother players. For now, they’ll have to sit tight with these so-called “bridge deals.”

The plan is to carry the players forward to next season or to a time when Chiarelli and the Bruins actually solve the much-discussed cap problems. They’re still right up against it in terms of salary, though, and that tends to mean that a trade is pending.

Now, it’s worth it to remember that Marc Savard is still technically counting against the cap to the tune of $4,027,143. The expectation is for the Bruins to flick him to the long-term injured reserve list, something they’ve been tentative to do in the past because they haven’t needed to. If this happens, they’ll get some significant cap space back and that could help them duck a trade.

With Krug and Smith eating up $2.8 million between them, one has to imagine that the Savard move puts Boston in a better position.

Other options have been discussed in local media, like the possibility of moving someone like Adam McQuaid or Johnny Boychuk. There is some word that Detroit is interested in McQuaid, but at this point Boston could actually hope for some significant returns outside of just moving a guy to make cap room.

In other words, the Bruins are looking pretty good right now in terms of the cap. A few moves here and there should clear up the issues and the bridge deals to Krug and Smith signify the team’s intentions to work on something more for the long-term while ensuring the security of two young, viable players over the short-term.


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