Sharks Forward John Scott Suspended Two Games

USATSI_8166827_154158418_lowresThe National Hockey League has suspended San Jose Sharks forward John Scott for two games without pay for “leaving the players’ bench on a legal line change to start an altercation.”

Scott started an altercation with Anaheim Ducks forward Tim Jackman on Sunday night and was given a game misconduct on the play. The incident took place just before play was blown dead on an icing call in the third period. Scott left the bench on a legal change and fought Jackman in a game that was filled with fights.

Eight players received fighting majors in the game, with Scott and Jackman tangling twice in the contest.

On the play in question, Scott also received a two minute minor penalty for leaving the bench, a two minute penalty for instigating and the five minute major for fighting.

The Sharks and Ducks combined for a total of 165 penalty minutes in the game, which included eight game misconducts assessed in the final frame.

Scott was suspended as a repeat offender and will give up just over $17,000 in salary via the league’s collective bargaining agreement.

The 32-year-old Edmonton native has seven points in 241 career regular season games. He has 452 penalty minutes and is a minus-18 overall. He was suspended in October of 2013 for an illegal hit to the head of Loui Eriksson.

It pays to bear in mind that Scott left the ice on a legal change to engage with Jackman, which is why the suspension isn’t longer. The incident was subsequently not subject to Rule 74, which would have carried a 10 game suspension. Instead, he was suspended under Rule 70.2. That means the incident is subject to review by the Department of Player Safety.

As 70.2 states, “a player who has entered the game on a legal line change or legally from the penalty bench (penalty time has expired) who starts an altercation may be subject to discipline in accordance with Rule 28.”


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